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Onam Dances | Classical Kerala Dance | Traditional Dance of Kerala

The best of Kerala dances can be witnessed during the grand carnival of Onam. It is simply enthralling to note how rich the folk culture of the state of Kerala. There is a display of many unique and well perfected dances on a single platform. Onam festival attracts a number of dance lovers from all over the world to Kerala.

Onam Festival Dances

Some of the best known Kerala dances are performed on the occasion of Onam. Most remarkable and spectacular of them all are Kathakali, Kaikottikali and Thumbi Thullal. The unparalleled performance of Kathakali artistes leaves the audience awestruck. The very elegant Kaikottikali has the power to enchant them and leave them asking for more. Grace and simplicity are the hallmarks of Kerala dances and also their inherent characteristics.

Other enchanting folk dances performed on the occasion of Onam include Kumattikali and Pulikali or Kaduvakali. These folk dances are not only colourful and well orchestrated but also extremely entertaining. Plaited grass and big wooden masks are particularly used by Kummatikali dancers. They shake themselves to the rhythm provided by Onavillu for the recreation of the people. On the other hand, Pulikali performers paint themselves as tigers. They enact hunting scenes to amuse people.

Onam Dances:

Kummatti Kali | Pulikali / Kaduvakali | Kathakali | Thumbi Thullal | Kaikotti Kali

Onam Dances | Classical Kerala Dance | Traditional Dance of Kerala

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