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Thumbi Thullal | Women Folk Dance of Kerala | Classical Kerala Dance

Thumbi Thullal is a fascinating all women dance and singing event n Kerala on Onam occasion. Men engage themselves in energetic sports. Meanwhile, womenfolk perform Thumbi Thullal and have their share of fun.

Women wear their best sarees, stunning jewellery and fragrant gajras. They sit in a group in the formation of circle to play Thumbi Thullal. In the centre of this circle the main performer is usually seated.

Thumbi Thullal Onam Festival

The lead singer initiates a song in her melodious voice. She sings the first couplet that is taken up by other women. The sequence continues song after song with the lead singer initiating the couplet. Every time she is followed by a chorus from other women. Joyful clap dance also goes on in rhythm with the singing.

It is a colourful spectacle to watch women in their carefree mood. The event continues amidst jeers and laughter till the day comes to its end.

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