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Pradosham Days Surutapalli Temple | Pallikondeswara Swamy

Pallikonda Perumal Temple

The Pallikondeswarar temple is a Shiva temple that can be seen at Surutapalli hamlet, which is located between Chennai and Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh, just across the boundary of Tamil Nadu. The construction of the temple took place at the end of the Vijayanagara era. The anantha sayana kolam, which depicts Lord Shiva as he lies on the laps of Parvathi, is a feature that is exclusive to temples dedicated to Perumal (Maha Vishnu).

During the Samudra Manthana, also known as the Churning of Paarkadal – Ksheera sagara or Ocean of milk, according to the tales, Mount Mandara served as the churner, while Vasuki, the snake king who adorns Shiva’s neck, served as the churning rope. Both of these figures are associated with Shiva. The ocean was the source of the elixir known as Amritham.

Abhishekam Dress Code:

Male: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama.

Female: Saree / Punjabi Dress / Chudidhar / Half Saree

Pradosham Days Surutapalli Temple:

October 11, 2023, Wednesday
Ashwina, Krishna Trayodashi
Begins – 05:37 PM, Oct 11
Ends – 07:53 PM, Oct 12

October 26, 2023, Thursday
Ashwina, Shukla Trayodashi
Begins – 09:44 AM, Oct 26
Ends – 06:56 AM, Oct 27

November 10, 2023, Friday
Kartika, Krishna Trayodashi
Begins – 12:35 PM, Nov 10
Ends – 01:57 PM, Nov 11

November 24, 2023, Friday
Kartika, Shukla Trayodashi
Begins – 07:06 PM, Nov 24
Ends – 05:22 PM, Nov 25

December 10, 2023, Sunday
Margashirsha, Krishna Trayodashi
Begins – 07:13 AM, Dec 10
Ends – 07:10 AM, Dec 11

December 24, 2023, Sunday
Margashirsha, Shukla Trayodashi
Begins – 06:24 AM, Dec 24
Ends – 05:54 AM, Dec 25

Archana Tickets :

2Special Entrance5.00
3Abhisheka Darshan10.00
4Maha Shivaratri Darisanam25.00
5Vahana Pooja25.00
6Kumkuma  Archana50.00
7Nandi Special Entrance50.00
8Nithya Archana100.00
9Abhisheka Darisanam150.00
10Dakshinamoorthi Abhishekam216.00
11Nandi Abhisekam400.00
13Saswatha Abisekam3000.00

During Pradosham time, Abhishekam, a sacred bath ritual, is conducted. Devotees have the option to purchase tickets for the Pooja on the same day at the designated counter.
The necessary Pooja materials for this ritual include two milk packets and two garlands for the deities.

Surutapalli Temple Timings:  6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Sri PalliKondeswara Swamy Temple is open on all for the Pradosham Day

What is Pradosham?

Pradosham signifies the cleansing or removal of sins, and the Pradosha Kalam is considered the ideal time to offer prayers and devotion to Lord Shiva.

Pradosha Kalam comes twice in a month:

The first Pradosha Kalam occurs from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on the 13th day (Trayodasi) during the initial fifteen days known as Shukla Paksha, from New moon to Full moon.

The second Pradosha Kalam also falls from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on the 13th day (Trayodasi) in the following fifteen days, which is called Krishna Paksha, from Full moon to New Moon.

Pradosham refers to the Trayodasi tithi occurring in the evening during both Shukla and Krishna Paksha phases.

Pallikondeswara Swamy Pradosha Kalam Pooja Benefits

  • Removal of Sins: Participating in this Pooja during the auspicious Pradosha Kalam is said to help in the removal of sins and negative karma.
  • Blessings of Lord Shiva: It is an opportunity to seek the blessings and grace of Lord Shiva, who is considered the destroyer of evil and the provider of spiritual growth.
  • Fulfillment of Wishes: Devotees often pray for their desires and wishes to be fulfilled during this Pooja, and it is believed that Lord Shiva listens to their prayers.
  • Spiritual Growth: Regular participation in Pradosha Kalam Pooja can aid in one’s spiritual journey, leading to inner peace and growth.
  • Protection: It is also believed to offer protection from negative influences and obstacles in life.
  • Harmony in Relationships: Praying during this time may help in resolving conflicts and bringing harmony to relationships.
  • Prosperity: Devotees often seek prosperity and success in their endeavors through this Pooja.

Overall, the Pradosha Kalam Pooja at Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli temple is considered a spiritually significant and beneficial practice for devotees.

Pradosham Days Surutapalli Temple | Pallikondeswara Swamy

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