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Sri Siddeswara Swami Temple Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Sri Siddeswara Swami Temple History:

The legend say that sage Appa Swamy who started doing penance in a cave near the temple. Lord Shiva was deeply impressed and appeared. On the request of Saint Appa Swamy Lord Shiva Manifested. There are caves where sages Appa Swamy did his penance .

Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple, talakona is located in deep forest in Sri Venkateswara National Park, Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.

Lord Shiva is the main deity in this temple. Mahasiva Ratri is the most important festival celebrated here, very huge number of devotees gather here for the Shiva Rathri Pooja. This holy day is celebrated by millions of shiva devotees. Mahashiva ratri is celebrated for 10 days at this Temple. Devotees stay whole night by praying Lord Siddeswara Swamy. Lord Muruga, Ganapathi and Nava Graha are also installed inside the temple compound.

Peoples from all over the world come here to visit Lord Siddeswara Swamy. This area is a best Picnic spot for trekkers. Talakona waterfalls is just 20 to 30 minutes walk from here.

There are many waterfalls, caves and natural habitat, which makes this place very interesting to visit. Two main waterfalls are there namely EgavaJhari and DigavaJhari (Upper waterfall and Lower water fall),you have to walk in the forest to reach these water falls.

Siddeshwara Swamy Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM.


36 kilo meters (22 mi) from Piler, 58  kilo meters (36 mi) from Tirupathi, 220 kilo meters (140 mi) from Chennai, and 105 kilo meters (65 mi) from Chittoor and 250 kilo meters (160 mi) from Bangalore.

Daily Sevas :

Archana, Abhishekam, Sashwatha Abhishekam, Sashwatha Nityarchana

Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple,
Nerabailu Village,
Yerravari Palem Mandal,
Chittoor ,
Andhra Pradesh.

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Sri Siddeswara Swami Temple Talakona Waterfalls

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