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Harvest Festival in Africa

Africans Yam Festival

The yam festival marks end of an abundant food-producing harvest. Africans have always had festivals at the time of harvest. In Ghana, the Yam Festival [Homowo] lasts for three days. The festival begins with cleansing ceremony to honour family members who have died. Farmers give thanks to the Gods who ensure a good harvest. Twins […]

Kwanzaa Africa American Festival

‘Kwanzaa’ means ‘first fruits of the harvest’ in African language Kiswahili. Festival is a popular harvest festival that has gained great acceptance among African Americans. ‘Kwanzaa’ was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga. It is observed by more than18 million people worldwide. Festival is celebrated from 26th December to 1st January for these seven […]

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