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Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy In Nellore

Vedagiri-Lakshmi-NarasimhaswamyVedagiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple is an abode of the fourth incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu – The Narasimha Avatara. This magnificent temple is located on a hill top offering a great view of the city surroundings and is about 13 Km’s from the heart of the Nellore City.

Local legend: Sage Kasyapa once performed a yaga (Yaga – Offerings to the almighty in a ritualistic fashion using mantras) at the bottom of this hill top for peace to be restored at this place, with help of seven other saints he performed the ritualistic affair of pleasing the god and as part of it were constructed seven gunda’s (Gunda’s – water storage tanks) and idols of Govindrajaswamy and his consort goddess Prasanna Lakshmi were commissioned and consecrated to protect the yaga. At the end of this exercise there evolved a divine light and it traveled north towards the hill top and entered the cave where the current Narasimha Swamy temple is situated, so the sanctum sanctorum is seen in shape of the curve. The deity installed at this place is six feet tall with four hands; two hands symbolizing Protection, Blessing and other two hands holding Conch and Chakra.

There is also a separate shrine little above the main temple dedicated for Adi Lakshmi.

The temple premises was constructed by Pallava King – Vikrama Simha Verma around the idol that was installed by sage Kashyapa. Later the temple tower was constructed by Reddy Kings.

The place just not only relates to this legend but connects the age old mythological tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is quoted in “Aranya Knadam” of Ramayana that the Lord Sri Rama visited this place as part of his sojourn. There are caves here named as “Aswathama Caves”, it is believed that Aswathama still lives here as a immortal being as he got into penance for absolving his sins following a curse from Lord Sri Krishna for his actions of killing the sons of Draupadi, consort of Pandavas, clandestinely in the battlefield of Mahabharata.

Other important places and beliefs at the temple premises.

Santhana Vriksha – A tree which is believed to grant the boon of begetting children for childless couples is near to the Adi Lakshmi Temple. The women devotees tear a corner of the saree and put their offerings in the piece of cloth and tie it as a swing to the tree. One could also see an underground tunnel beneath tree which once was used by sages as a path to come to the temple and offer their prayers.

Kondi Kasuli Hundi – It is meant that those who give their offerings at this place can get rid of venomous bites of Scorpions and Snakes.