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2017 TTD Festivals List | Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams 2017 Festivals


1-1-2017 Sunday New Year All seva’s cancelled.
3-1-2017 Tuesday Dhanurmasam Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam (Vaikunta Ekadasi).
8-1-2017 Sunday Dhanurmasam Vaikunta Ekadasi. All Seva’s Cancelled.
9-1-2017 Monday Dhanurmansam Vaikunta Dwadasi. All Seva’s Cancelled.

3-2-2017 Friday Rathasapthami. All seva’s cancelled Except Abhishekam.

8-3-2017 to 12-3-2017 Wednesday to Sunday Float Festival 5 days.
28-3-2017 Tuesday Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam (Ugadi).
29-3-2017 Wednesday Ugadi.

5-4-2017 Wednesday Sriramanavami.
6-4-2017 Thursday Srirama Pattabhishekam.
8-4-2017 to 10-4-2017 Saturday to Monday Annul Vasanthotsavam 3 Days.

4-5-2017 to 6-5-2017 Thursday to Saturday Padmavathi Parinayam 3 Days.


7-6-2017 Wednesday to Friday Jyesthabhishekam 3 Days.

11-7-2017 Tuesday Koilalalwar Thirumanjanam (Anivara Asthanam).
16-7-2017 Sunday Anivara Asthanam.

2-8-2017 Wednesday Pavithrotsavam Ankurapanam.
3-8-2017 to 5-8-2017 Thursday to Saturday Pavithrotsavam.
7-8-2017 Monday Chandra Grahanam All seva’s Cancelled expect Suprabatham.
16-8-2017 Wednesday Utlu Utsavam.

19-9-2017 Tuesday Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam. (Annual Brahmotsavams).
22-9-2017 Friday Annul Brahmotsavam Ankurapanam.
23-9-2017 to 1-10-2017 Saturday to Sunday Annual Brahmotsavam2017, 10 Days.
27-9-2017 Wednesday Annual Brahmotsavam 5th Day (Garuda Seva). All Seva’s cancelled expect suprabatham.
30-9-2017 Saturday Annual Brahmotsavam 8th Day (Rathotsavam). All Seva’s Cancelled.

1-10-2017 Sunday Annul Brahmotsavam 9th Day (Chakrasnanam). All Seva’s Cancelled.
19-10-2017 Thursday Deepavali Asthanam.
27-10-2017 Friday Pushpayagam Ankurapanam
28-10-2017 Saturday Pushpayagam.

1-11-2017 Wednesday Kaisika Dwadasi.
23-11-2017 Thursday Padmavath Ammavari Panchamitheertham.

3-12-2017 Sunday Kartheeka Deepotsavam.
16-12-2017 Saturday Dhanurmasam Begins. Suprabatam, Thomala and Archana Cancelled.
26-12-2017 Tuesday Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam (Vaikuta Ekadasi).
29-12-2017 Friday Vaikunta Ekadasi All Seva’s Cancelled.
30-12-2017 Saturday Vaikunta Dwadasi All Seva’s Cancelled.
31-12-2017 New Year All Seva’s Cancelled.

For further details please contact TTD Information Call Center: 0877-2277777, 2233333.

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