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2019 Rohini Vrat Dates | Rohini Vratam Dates

Friday 18 January Rohini Vrat
Thursday 14 February Rohini Vrat
Wednesday 13 March Rohini Vrat
Wednesday 10 April Rohini Vrat
Tuesday 07 May Rohini Vrat
Monday 03 June Rohini Vrat

Rohini Vrat Mahavir Swami

Monday 01 July Rohini Vrat
Sunday 28 July Rohini Vrat
Saturday 24 August Rohini Vrat
Saturday 21 September Rohini Vrat
Friday 18 October Rohini Vrat
Thursday 14 November Rohini Vrat
Wednesday 11 December Rohini Vrat

About Rohini Vrat:
People belonging to Jain community are very strict with their religious fastings. Jain women observe the fast of Rohini Vrat for longevity of husbands’ lives. The vrat is observed on the day of Rohini nakshatra. Incidentally, Rohini Nakshatra is the twenty-seventh one amongst Hindu Calendar nakshatras.

The vrat for Rohini kickstarts soon after the sun rises in the east and while the Nakshatra of Rohini is valid. Why is this fast observed? The general belief is that if absolves the fasting devotee from facing the consequences of poverty and sorrow. As Rohini Nakshatra gradually eases out leading to the next star called Margashirsha star, the Parana of Rohini Star is observed.

Since Rohini star occurs every month it is but obvious that there are 12 Rohini Vrat day. The norm is to observe the Rohini Vrat for long durations such as a period of three years, five years and seven years. Generally, it is said that fasting for a period of five years and five months will be beneficial to the person observing the fast. The conclusion of Rohini Vrat is observed with Udyapana.

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