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2023 Bhishma Dwadashi / Dvadasi Date

This year Bhishma Dwadasi falls on 1st February.

Bhishma Dwadasi, or Bhishma Dvadasi, is observed on the 12th day of the month of Magha (January – February) during Shukla Paksha (crescent phase of the moon). Bhisma Dwadasi is also known as Magh Shukla Dwadasi.

Bhishma Dwadashi is an auspicious Dwadasi Vrata observed on Shukla Paksha Dwadashi in Magh month. It marks the end of Bhishma Panchak Vrata which begins on Bhishma Ashtami. Devotees who have started their Ekadashi vrata would break their fast on Bhishma Dwadashi by performing a special puja to Sri Vishnu. Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama stotram and performing Vishnu puja are the best rituals to observe on Bhishma Dwadashi.

Bhishma Dwadashi Worship:

A person should bath on this day and fast before worshiping Sri Laxminarayana. The Swamy is worshiped with fruits, Banana Leaves, Supari, Pan, Til, Moli, Roli, kumkum etc. Panchamrit is made with Milk, Honey, Banana, Ganga Jal, Tulsi and Sweets. Prasad is made by mixing wheat and sugar and roasting them.

After Laxmi Narayana puja, other Devi-devas are worshipped. Panchamrit and Prasad are worshipped by all after the puja. A person should take a bath in the morning and worship Sri Vishnu. Donations and charities should also be made to the Brahmanas. It provides blessings and a person is blessed with a child, wealth, etc. Thereafter, you should eat with the family and you should offer prayers to Swamy asking for his blessings, salvation, etc.

Bhishma Dwadashi Story:

A legend is famous about Bhishma Dwadashi. According to this legend, Shantanu’s wife, Ganga, gave birth to a son named Devvrat. She left Shantanu after giving birth to this child. Shantanu was depressed about it for a long time. After some time, Shantanu wanted to cross the Ganga and sat in the boat. The boat belonged to a girl named Matsyagandha.

Matsyagandha was later famous as Satyawati. Shantanu was fascinated by the girl’s beauty and asked her father for permission to marry her. Satyawati’s father had a condition. It was that his son would be the successor to Shantanu’s throne.

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