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2025 Meera Bai Jayanti Date And Pooja Timings

About Meerabai Jayanti:
Meera Bai (1498-1547 circa) was known to be a great Hindu poet and passionate devotee of Lord Krishna. She was regarded as one of the most significant Sants of Vaishnava Bhakti movement. She had written about 1300 poems filled with passion and praise of Lord Krishna.

Meera was a Rajput princess born in 1498 in Kudaki, in the state of Rajasthan. Though she was married to Bhoj Raj, the ruler of Chittor, she did not take any interest in her spouse because she believed herself to be married to Lord Krishna. It is believed that, she miraculously merged with the idol of Krishna in circa 1547 at the age of 49.


According to historians, Meera Bai was a disciple of Guru Ravidas. They agree with the popular beliefs which associate her with Sant Tulsidas and also her connections with Rupa Goswami in Vrindavan.

We could not find any historical record regarding the birth anniversary of Meera Bai. However, according to Hindu lunar calendar, Sharad Purnima day is observed as the birth anniversary of Meerabai.

Meera Bai Jayanti Tuesday 7th October 2025
Meera Bai Jayanti Puja Timings:
Approximately 527th Birth Anniversary of Meera Bai
Purnima Tithi Starts = 12:23 PM on 6-October-2025
Purnima Tithi Ends = 9:16 AM on 7-October-2025

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