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2028 Saint Sant Surdas Jayanti Pooja Date And Puja Timings

Surdas Jayanti Saturday 29th April 2028 / 550th Birth Anniversary of Surdas
Panchami Tithi Starts = 12:46 AM on 29-April-2028
Panchami Tithi Ends = 11:46 PM on 29-April-2028

Poet Surdas and Sri Krishna

About Sant Surdas:
Sant Surdas, who lived between 1478 and 1581 C.E., was a great poet and musician renowned for his famous devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Since he was born blind, he was neglected by his family. So he left home at the tender age of six and indulged in praising Lord Krishna at a very young age.

Sant Surdas was born on 1478 C.E. and his birth anniversary falls on Shukla Paksha, Panchami in Vaishakha month. There is dispute regarding his place of birth. Some believe that he was born in village Sihi, in Faridabad of Haryana. Some others claim that he was born at Runkta near Agra.

Songs and music of Surdas attracted several honors and his fame spread throughout the country. Mughal emperor Akbar became his supporter. The last years of Surdas were spent in Braj where he lived on the donations he received for his Bhajan singing and lecturing on religious topics.

There are thousands of songs to Surdas’s credit, however only about 8,000 are available presently.

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