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5 Auspicious events in One Day at Tirumala

13-3-2016, Tirumala: 5 Auspicious events in One Day at Tirumala they are Phalguna Pournami, Holi Day, Tumburu Teertha Mukkoti, last day of Annual Teppotsavams and Vasantha Panchami.
Approximately Four Hundred and Fifty (450) Events are observed in a year. Festival are celebrated every day in Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Temple.

main tirumala templeBut if 5
Festivals were celebrated in one day then the joy for the balaji devotees is unlimited.
Such a rare and unbelievable day has come in Tirumala hills on 23rd March giving a spiritual treat to the devotees. Phalguna Pournami falls on this day is a Holi Day the auspicious Vasantha Panchami. Tumburu Teertha mukkoti also falls on the same day and its the last day of Annual Teppotsavams. Lakshmi Jayanthi also falls on the same day which is believed an important day for Hindu women’s.
This 23rd March is going to be a big day for the pilgrims who visit’s Tirumala.

The TTD has cancelled Pournami Garuda Seva because Teppotsavams will be concluded on the same day.

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