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About Balarama Jayanti | Balarama Birthday Brother of Krishna

Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna, is worshipped as the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Balarama Jayanti is observed as the birth anniversary of Lord Balarama.

Lord Balarama is also worshipped as an incarnation of Adishesha, the serpent on which Lord Vishnu reclines. Baladeva, Balabhadra and Halayudha are the other names of Balarama.

Balarama Brother of Krishna

In North India, Balarama Jayanti is also known as Hal Sashti and Lalahi Chhath. In Gujarat this day is known as Randhan Chhath and in Braj region it is popular by the name Baladeva Chhath.

Some Specific Pastimes of Lord Balarama
1) Balarama slays demon Dhenukasura
2) Balarama kills Pralambasura
3) Balarama was always glorified by Krishna
4) Yamuna devi was chastised when she did not gave way for Balaram
5) Kauravas chastised when they had captured Samba
6) Balarama marries Revati
7) Balarama became angry at Bhima for killing Duryodhana by trickery, but was appeased by Sri Krishna.
8) Killing of Romaharshana for not representing Vyasdev properly.

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