Srisailam Temple

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The Devasthanam has developed Bilwanams Flower Gardens to fulfill the day to day requirement of flowers and Bilwa Patri to Deities. Besides, parks with landscaping are being developed as a part of the beautification process of Srisaila Kshetram.
The Devasthanam has commenced planting of trees in Srisailam aiming environmental protection.

Presently, 14 Flower Gardens and Parks exist in an area of 30 acres at various locations of Srisailam.

Srisailam Gardens

Bilwavanams: Bilwanams are developed mainly at 4 places including back side of the Temple, Mallamma Thota, Basavaaih Chenu, and Sarvathobhadravanam for the Bilwa Patri to be used in the offerings of Sri Swamyvaru.

Flower Gardens: Flower gardens are raised at some places in Srisailam to meet the requirement of flowers for poojas. Various types of Roses, Nerium (Ganneru), Plumeria (Deva Ganneru), China Rose (Mandaram), Pin Wheel flower (Nandivardhanam), Crape Jasmine (Garudavardhanam), varieties of Jasmine ( Malle ), Ixora (Nooru Varahalu), Crosandra ( Kanakambram), etc., are available in these gardens.

Parks: Several parks have been developed at various places including southern and northern sides of Main Temple, near Toll Plaza, in Sivadeeksha Sibirams, near Staff Quarters and also in the premises of Guest Houses, Cottages and Choultries. Bhramari Nandanavanam, Dattatreya Vanam, Adisankaravanam, and Nandivanam are the most important among them.

Rudraksha Vanam (Rudra Gardens): Rudraksha vanam (Rudra Gardens) developed by the Devasthanam, covering an area of 6 acres at the northern side of temple, offers beautiful scenic view of River Krishna. A monolithic Statue of God Rudra is placed there. Development of landscaping and embedding of flower plants have also been taken up.

Crop Growing of Rudraksha Trees: Crop growing trees of Rudraksha have been developed in various gardens and parks of Srisailam, mostly in Dattatreeya Vanam (South side garden of Temple) and Rudra Gardens. The yielded Rudrakshas are being distributed to devotees in Dharma Pracharam programmes.

Vedic Plantation: Vedic Plantation is a unique concept undertaken by the Devasthanam in Sarvathobhadra Vanam, in an area of about 9 acres on the way of Pathla Ganga. As per Vedic Tradition, some plants and trees are associated with our birth stars. By planting these divine plants in this Sarvathobhadra Vanam, the devotees can have an opportunity to worship the plants associated with their Birth Stars.

Flower Decoration: Elaborate flower decorations are made in the temple premises during festival occasions like Mahasivarathri Brahmothsavams, Ugadi Uthsavams, Devi Sarannavaratra Uthsavams, Sankranthi Brahmothsavams etc. During these festival days, specially designed garlands are offered to Deities.

Pushpa Pallaki Seeva is performed in a grand scale during Maha Sivarathri, Sankranthi and Devi Navaratra Celebrations.