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About Thiruppavai, Sri Andal Thiruppavai

Thiru means Sree and Pavai means Vrath (a divine fasting). Thiruppavai – Srivrath. In this Thiruppavai there are 30 Pasuras (stanzas). In every stanza there are 8 Padhams and the last is the Elorembavai which explains to impose your total concentration on the vratha. The Thiruppavai consists of the songs sung and the plays played by the Gopikas with Sree Krishna of the Vrindhavan. The Paasuras has explained every actions of the Gopikas and their intentions.

Thiruppavai gives many explanations. It is not easy for the Human to know who the Supreme being or the God is and the means to reach him. For instance, Air is not visible to our naked eye. We know the presence of air, because if we stop breathing, we die. Similarly, according to the poem, we must realize that there is a divine energy which is the cause and controller of our activities, our present form and name.

God is only one and he appears in various forms for our sake. He accepts our offerings and blessings even when he is worshipped in an idol-form in our houseSri Andalss Tiruppavai

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