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Admissions Started at Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham in Tirumala

20 April 2015 Tirumala: Admissions started at Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham in Tirumala for the academic year 2015-16. The last date to receiving the application is 31 May 2015.

Eligible boys who had Upanayanam in the accordance with Vedic Tradition and Possessing the mentioned age and Qualification for considering admission in to the following courses:

12-year course: Rig Veda-Sakala Sakha, Sukla yajurveda-Taittiriya Sakha, Sama Veda-Koutuma sakha, Jaiminiya sakha
7-year course: Krishnayajurveda-Maitrayaneeya Sakha, Atharva Veda-Saunaka Sakha

Interested candidate should born between 01.07.2003 to 30.06.2005 and Should have 5th class educational qualification.

For admission into Divya Prabhandham. Vaikhanasa, Pancharatra, Saiva, Chattada Srivaishnava, Vaidika, Tanthrasara Agamas, Rigveda (Asvalayana), Krishnayajurveda (Apastamba), Suklayajurveda (Paraskara), Vaikhanasa Smartams, Interested candidate should born between 01.07.2001 to 30.06.2003 and Should have 7th class educational qualification.

The application has to sent to the following address before the prescribed date:

The Principal
SV Veda Vignana Peetham
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams,
Dharmagiri, Tirumala,
Chittoor District-517504,
Andhra Pradesh.

For further details please contact :9676857050/9989528389

Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham

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