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Ahobilam Brahmothsavam – 2016

Brahmothsavam – 2016 Nava Narasimha Kshetram – Ahobilam

“A Treat for the eyes and retreat for the soul”
Invitation-Ahobilam Brahmothsavam - 2016
Come and feel the subline atmosphere of the Nallamallai Hills, You will find the ambience created by the green forests and the water falls – very soothing for the body. Breath the Divine air, Be Blessed by the Nava Narasimhas and get spiritual solace to your soul.
Sri Narasimha Avatara is the only Avatara, in which the Lord exhibits his extreme fury against Hiranyakasipu, who tortures his son and simultaneously bestowed His unbounded grace and sowmyam on His devotee, the child Prahlada. Such was His might while destroying the demon that Devas, witnessing, exclaimed with awe “AHO BALAM! AHO BALAM! (what a might!) and thus the place is known as Ahobilam. Brahmanda Purana indicates that Hiranyakasipu’s palace was located in the present Ahobilam and the pillar from which He emerged is known as the Ugra Stambham.
Ahobilam – one among 108 Srivaishnavite Divyadesams, stands pre-eminent as the place of incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha. It is only here that Lord Narasimha is worshipped in nine forms. Ugram, Veeram, Mahavishnum, Jwalantham, Sarvathomukam, Nrisimham, Beeshanam, Badram, Mrutyo
Sri Prahlada Varadan
Mrutym Namamyaham – This Anushtup Mantra enlists the nine facets of Narasimha – Nava Narasimha. They are – Ugra (angry), Veera (valourous), Mahavishnu (Lakshmi Narasimha), Jwalantha (emitting flames), Sarvathomukha (Narasimha with a number of faces), Narasimha (as He appeared before Brahma). Bheeshana (frightful), Badra (auspicious), Mrutyo Mrutyu (killer of death). This mantra empowered Brahma to develop the four vedas. Lord Rama during his search for Seetha Devi, worshipped Narasimha here and His Stothram is Panchaamritha Stothram. Lord Venkateswara offered Neivedyam to Lord Narasimha, during His wedding with Padmavathi Thayar at Tirumala Hills. Lord Siva praised the Lord Narasimha as ‘Supreme God’ in His “Mantrarajapada Stothram”. Rudra has a small shrine adjacent to Sri Ahobila Sannidhi.
Garuda did tapas here and the Lord appeared as Jwala Narasimha before Him. Adi Sankara was protected from danger to his life and he glorified Narasimha by his famous ‘Karavalamba Stothram’. Thirumangai Azhwar had sung in praise of Lord Narasimha with ten Pasurams. Acharya Ramanuja and Swami Nigamantha Desikan had worshipped here. Thalapakkam Annamacharya, disciple of Adivan Satakopa Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Math, had sung many keerthanas on Lord Narasimha.
Ahobilam Brahmothsavam - 2016
Pilgrims who visit Ahobilam are blessed with immense benefits. Sage Narada avers that a single day’s stay in this holy place grants one the benefits he would otherwise will have obtained by living in Varanasi for a thousand yugas, in Prayag for twenty yugas and in Gaya for a hundred yugas. Any charitable act done here in this kshetra, however minuscule it is, in quantity or scale, be it offering a handful of annam (cooked rice) or giving away some coins, bestows enormous (mountainous) benefits on the donor.
Navagrahas have worshipped the Nava Narasimhas at Ahobilam. They have been relieved of their problems from Asuras, and from the curses they received from Maharishis. For example, Chandra (Moon) took to the worship of Sri Karanja Narasimha, Mars to Jwala Narasimha and so on. Devotees worshipping Nava Narasimhas here will be rid of the malefic aspects of the respective Navagrahas.
SRI AHOBILA MATH Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Himself imparted ‘Sri Narasimha Preshamantra’ to Sri Kidambi Srinivasachary, a young brahmachari of 20 years and initiated him in the ascetic order. It was ordained by the Lord to establish Sri Ahobila Math, an institution to propagate Srivaishnavism to take the Utsava moorti, ‘Sri Malola Narasimha’ and travel far and wide to bless the devotees all over the country and to be the cusodian ofAhobilam temples. The Founder Jeer was conferred the title Sri Satakopa Yateendra Mahadesikan (Adivan Satakopa Jeeyar). The successors to him have been carrying out the Divine command with full involvement.
Ahobilam Brahmothsavam  2016
The present H H 46th Jeeyar Srivan Satakopa Sri Ranganatha Yateendra Mahadesikan is zealously pursing the mission to make Ahobilam a popular pilgrim centre. Several projects have been initiated to make the place a well developed town with all civic amenities. Guest Houses, well laid road up-the-hill, water supply etc. are the aspects personally being overseen by H H Jeeyar. The renovation of all temples in Upper & Lower Ahobilam is being taken up and Samprokshanam is slated for 2017. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is lending full support in this endeavor.

Ahobilam Brahmothsavam - 2016-InvitationAhobilam Brahmothsavam - 2016-Invitation

Sri Ahobila Math Paramparadheena
Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Devasthanams, Ahobilam
All are invited to the Annual Brahmotsavam 2016 celebrated in the presence of His Holiness the 46th Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Math

Paruthipattu, Vangeepuram, Devanarvilagam
Dr. S. Padmanabhachariar
Sri Sannidhi Srikaryam

P. Rangaraju
Administrative Officer
Sri Ahobila Math, Ahobilam

M. Thimma Naidu
Manager/Executive Officer
SLNS Devasthanams, Ahobilam

13-3-2016 Sunday, Upper Ahobilam
Evening: Ankurarpanam

13-3-2016 Sunday
Lower Ahobilam
Evening: Sri Selver Koothu

14-3-2016 Monday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Dwajarohanam
Evening: Bheri Pooja
Night: Simha Vahanam
Upper-Ahobila Simha Vahanam

14-3-2016 Monday, Lower Ahobilam
Evening: Ankurarpanam
Ankurarpanam Ahobilam

15-3-2016 Tuesday, Upper Ahobilam
Hamsa Vahanam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Surya Prabha Vahanam
Ahobilam Hamsa Vahanam

15-3-2016 Tuesday, Lower Ahobilam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Evening: Bheri Pooja
Night: SimhaVahanamSimha Vahanam

16-3-2016 Wednesday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Hanumantha Vahanam
Hanumantha Vahanam

16-3-2016 Wednesday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Hamsa Vahanam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Suryaprabha Vahanam
Hamsa Vahanam

17-3-2016 Thursday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Sesha Vahanam
Night: Chandraprabha Vahanam
Chandraprabha Vahanam

17-3-2016 Thursday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Sri Yoganarasimha Garuda Vimanam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Hanumantha Vahanam
Sri Yoganarashimha Garuda Vimanam

18-3-2016 Friday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam
Afternoon: AbhishekamAfternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Sharabha Vahanam
Sharabha Vahanam

19-3-2016 Friday, Upper Ahobilam
Afternoon: Utsavam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Ponnachettu Vahanam
Ponnachettu Vahanam

18-3-2016 Friday, LowerAhobilam
Morning: Sesha Vahanam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Chandraprabha Vahanam
Chandra Prabha Vahanam

18-3-2016 Friday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Mohini Alankaram
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Sharabha Vahanam
Mohini Alankaram

20-3-2016 Sunday,Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Tirumanjanam
Evening: Tirukalyana utsavam
Night: Gaja Vahanam
Gaja Vahanam

20-3-2016 Sunday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Venugopalan Alankaram (Churnabhisheekam)
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Ponnachettu Vahanam
Venugopalan Alankaram

21-3-2016 Monday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Night: Aswa Vahanam
Aswa Vahanam

21-3-2016 Monday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Abhishekam
Evening: Tirukalyana Utsavam
Night: Gaja Vahanam
Thirukalyana Utsavam

22-3-2016 Tuesday, Upper Ahobilam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm

22-3-2016 Tuesday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Kalinga Nardhanam
Afternoon: Abhishekam at 3.00 pm
Evening: Thotti Thirumanjanam
Night: Ashwa Vahanam
Kalinga Nardhanam

23-3-2016 Wednesday, Upper Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam
Evening: Dwadasa Aradhanam
Night: Garudothsavam, Dwaja Avarohanam

23-3-2016 Wednesday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam, Rathotsavam

24-3-2016 Thursday, Lower Ahobilam
Morning: Utsavam, Theerthavari Chakrasnanam
Evening: Dwadasa Aradhanam, Puspayagam
Night: Garudothsavam, Dwaja Avarohanam

25-3-2016 to 27-3-2016 , Lower Ahobilam
Evening: Sri Prahalada Vardan, Theppotsavam
Sri Prahalada Vardan

Construction of PRAHLADA SADAN
(60-Room Pilgrim Cottages Complex- Ahobilam)
through Donors participation

Ahobilam — a not-to-be-missed Kshetram Pilgrims who visit Ahobilam are blessed with immense benefits. Sage Narada declared that whoever stays one night in Ahobilam derives the same benefit that is accrued to an individual staying in Kasi fora thousand yugas, in Prayag for twenty yugas and in Gaya fora hundred yugas! Meeting the needs of pilgrim accommodation — PRAHLADA SADAN Ahobilam Devasthanams has proposed to construct a 60-bed Pilgrim Cottages Complex at Lower Ahobilam. Named ‘Prahlada Sadan’, this facility will reduce the difficulties faced by pilgrims to find comfortable accommodation when coming to Ahobilam for darshan of Nava Narasimhas and Prahlada Varadan. Estimated to cost Rs.7.33 crores, the Project will be executed through donations. Asthikas, Bhakthas & philanthropic public are invited to participate in the construction of this proposed 60-room Cottage, named ‘Prahlada Sadan’ by opting for the following Schemes.

Donor Scheme & Benefits
Donation Paid                                                          Free Stay offered
Rs.5 lakhs per Room                                             20 days per annum for 20 years
Rs.9 lakhs per Executive Suite                                       30 days per annum for 20 years
Donor Coupons will be issued every year

Asthikas, Bhakthas & philanthropists are invited to participate in this Donor Scheme and book a Room or Executive suit. Room/Suit will be in the name of the Donor. Donations will be exempted from Income Tax u/s 80 (G) of the IT Act. For further information please contact the Executive Officer of SLNS Devasthanams on Phone (office) 08519-252024/25. Mobile:9866667959. E-mail: manager@ahobilamdevasthanams.com


Contributions are solicited for Renovation works of Ahobilam Temples After a gap of around 12 years, under the advice of Hereditary Trustee HH 46th Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Math, we are taking up the renovation of all Ahobilam temples which will be followed by Samprokshanam in 2016-17. Donations are solicited from Bhakthas and philanthropists for this Renovation project. Cheques drawn in favour of SLNS Devasthanams Renovation Account may please be sent to the following address. Cash donations may also be made at the Devasthanam office and Receipts obtained. Details can be had from the Devasthanam website.
The Administrative Officer, Sri Ahobila Math Ahobilam – 518545 Phone: 08519 – 252045 Mobile: 85005 09911 Email: rangaraju.ahobilam@gmail.com
The Manager/EO, SLNS Devasthanams Ahobilam – 518545, Allagadda Mandal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. Phone: 08519 – 252045 Email: manager@ahobilamdevasthanams.com

Ahobilam Temples Route Map
Ahobilam Temples Route Map

Sri Ahobila Narasimhan Utsavar
Sri Adivan Satakopa Jeeyar with Malolan in his hands

Temple Address:
Sri Ahobila Math Paramparadheena
Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Devasthanams
Ahobilam – 518545, Allagadda Mandal,
Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh.
Ph: 08519 – 252045
Email: manager@ahobilamdevasthanams.com
Sri Ahobila Narasimhan Utsavar

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