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Bhadradri 9 Miracles in English | Bhadrachalam 9 Miracles

1) During the Kalyana (Marriage) Ritual of Lord Sita Rama at Badhrachalam Temple, Akshathas (rice mixed with turmeric powder) is prepared with rice peeled with hands and not beaten in machines.

2) The Mangala Suthra (auspicious thread added with gold beads) which is used during the Sitha Rama Kalyana Mahothsav at Bhadhrachalam temple is the one which was donated by Sri Bhaktha Ramadasu during 18th century.

3) Muthyaala Thalambraalu was presented for the Sitha Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam by Thaanisha King and now being presented by Telangana Govt before every Mahotsavam.

4) Lord Rama himself had given 6 lakhs of rupees (in the form of Tenkalu and Tadas) to bear the expenses of the ritual during the Thretha yug itself. Then after Thanisha has given the amount for the ritual. Even now one can witness the Tenkalu and Tadas in the Temple Museum.

5) The Gopuram of the Sanctum Santorum (Garbha Graha) was made out of a single Granite stone which weigh abot 36 Tonnes.

6) The Sudharsana Chakra present over the Vimana Gopuram is not made by any one. The Chakra came into the hands of Bhaktha Ramadaasu when taking a bath in the Godhavari River.

Sita Ramachandraswamy

7) Raamadasu was jailed at Golkonda for misusing the funds of Nawab govt. One can see the jail (Raamadasu Bandhikhaana) and the sculptures of Lord Sita Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman on the walls of the jail even now in the Golkonda Palace.

8) During the visit of Sree Aadhi Shankara Acharya to Badhrachalam Temple he saw Vaikunta there in the temple and hence Acharya called the lord at Bhadhrachalam as Vaikunta Raama.

9) Lord Rama manifested here on the request of Bhadhra. Hence statue of Bhadhra is present beside the sanctum santorum. Devotees believe and claim that if kept your ears close to the statue once can hear the chanting of Sree Raama Naama.

Bhadradri 9 Adbuthalu in Tamil

Bhadradri 9 Adbuthalu in Telugu

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