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Bhoomi Pooja Material Hindu Temple Florida


The following are the items required for Bhoomi Pooja:

1) Turmeric powder – 50 grams
2) Kum-kum – 50 grams
3) Flowers – 2 bunches
4) Coconuts- 2 numbers
5) Agarbathi – 1 packet

6) Camphor – l00 grams
7) Beta leaves-12 numbers
8) Beta nuts – 50 grams
9) $1 Coins- 20 numbers
10) Rice- 2 1bs

Bhoomi Pooja Material

11) Fruits- 5 types – each 4 numbers
12) Prasadam- Suji Halwa
13) Navadhanyam- l set
14) Saffron- l box
15) Elachi Powder- a little bit

16) Mango Leaves- 2 bunches
17) Milk- 1 gallon
18) Navaratna- 1 box
19) Pick Axe and Shovel
20) Matt / Comforter

21) Panchapatra and Udharane or Glass and Spoon
22) Water – 1 Gallon
23) Kalasam
24) Bricks – 5 numbers

Bhoomi puja Mantra:

Om vasundharaye vidmahe
Bhoot adhatraya dheemahi
Tanno bhumi prachodayat

About Bhoomi Pooja:

Bhoomi Pooja is made in the northeast, at the corner of the construction site or for good agricultural performance. It’s made for Vastu Purush, the goddess Bhoomi, pancha boothas (the five elements of nature) and the deity of the directions that eliminates all the bad effects and doshas of Vaastu on the earth.

It is necessary to build the composite wall before building the house. The southwestern part of the wall should be higher than the other walls of the house. The walls on the east and north sides should be 21 inches shorter than the south and west sides.

After choosing the land for construction, you have to grow plants on the land. You can also keep a calf or cow to make the land more suitable. You can also consult an experienced priest to perform the Bhoomi Pooja which will bring a lot of happiness in the life of the individual.

Hindu Temple of Florida Temple Hours:

Monday through Friday:
Morning: 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Hindu Temple of Florida Address:

5509 Lynn Road,
FL 33624
Phone: (813) 962-6890
Phone : (813) 964-0060 (Prasad Sadan)

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