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Boy Baby Names Alphabet D-page 1

Daaruk – Charioteer of Krishna Daamodar – A name of Krishna
Daarun – Hard Male Hindu Dahana – A Rudra
Daitya – A Non Aryan. Daiwik – By the grace of God
Daksh – A son of Brahma, capable Dakshi – The glorious
Dakshesh – Name of Lord Shiva Dalpati – Commander of group
Daman – One who controls Damodar – Lord Krishna
Dandapaani – An epithet for Yama Dandak – A forest
Danielle Danvir – Charitable
Darpad – Lord Shiva Darpak – Kamdev, god of love
Darpan – Mirror Darsh – Lord Krishna
Darshak – Spectator Darshan – Vision
Darshil – rose Darshit – Display
Dasharathi – Lord Rama Daruka – Deodar tree
Datta – One who is given Dattey – Lord Indra
Dattatreya – A son of Atri, a god Dayaal – Kind hearted
Daya – Mercy Dayamay – Full of mercy
Dayakar – Merciful Lord Shiva Dayaram – Merciful
Dayanidhi – Kind person Dayaswarup – Merciful
Dayashankar – Merciful Lord Shiva
Dakshinayan – Some Movement of the Sun
Dasharath – The father of Lord Rama
Danish – one who is mercyful and foreseening
Danta – Calm. A name for Lord Hanuman
Dayanand – Who takes joy in being merciful
Dayasagar – Extremely kind, sea of mercy
Deenadayaal – Humble and merciful Debashish – Pleased by god
Deenabandhu – Friend of the poor Deenanath – Lord of the poor
Deepak – Light, candle Deep – A lamp
Deepan – Lighting up Deependra – Lord of lights
Deependu – Bright moon Deepesh – Lord of light
Deepit – Lighted Deeptanshu – The sun
Deeptendu – Bright moon Deeptesh – lord of light
Deeptiman – Lustrous Deeptimoy – Lustrous
Dev – God, king Devaapi – An ancient king
Devabrata – A name of Bhisma Devadas – Follower of god
Devadatt – Gift of the God Devadeva – Lord of All Lords
Devagya – With knowledge of God Devaj – From God
Devajuta – The one with the Good Devak – Divine
Devajyoti – Brightness of the lord Devakumar – Son of a god
Deval – Name of a saint Devanand – Joy of God
Devang – Part of god Devank – Godly
Devansh – Part of God Devarsi – Sage of the Devas
Devashish – Blessing of God Devbrata – Bhishma
Devdarsh – Worshipper of God Devdas – Servant of god
Deveedaas – Servant of the god Devdatta – Given by God
Devendra – King of Gods Devesh – Lord Shiva
Deveshwar – Lord Shiva Devi – Goddess
Devidas – devotee of Godess Devilaal – Son of Devi
Deviprasad – Gift of godess Devkumar – Son of gods
Devnarayan – King Devnath – King of gods
Devraj – King of the Gods; Buddha Devpad – Divine feet
Devrat – Spiritual Devsena – Army of gods
Devvrata – Name of an ancient king
Debjit – One who has conquered Gods
Deenbabdhu – Brother of poor people
Deepankar – One who lights the lamp
Dehabhuj – Another name for lord Shiva
Devakeenandan – Name of Lord Krishna
Devendranath – Lord of the king of Gods
Devguru – teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devkinandan – Son of Devki (Lord Krishna)
Devraaj- king among gods, name of Indra
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