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Boy Baby Names Alphabet L

Laabh – ProfitLaalamani – Ruby
Labh – GainLahar – Wave
Lakhan – Lord Rama’s brotherLaksh – Aim, target
Lakshan – AimLakshmidhar – Lord vishnu
Lakshanya – One who achievesLakshmigopal – Lord Vishnu
Lakshman – Brother of Lord RamaLakshya – Target
Lakshmiraman – Lord VishnuLalam – Jewel
Lalan – NurturingLalit – Lovely, fine
Lalchand,lalchandra – Red moonLalitaditya – Beautiful sun
Lalitchandra – Beautiful moonLalitkishore – Beautiful
Lalitkumar – BeautifulLambodar – Lord Ganesh
Lambodhar – Lord GaneshLaniban – Lord Shiva
Lankesh – RavanaLarraj – A sage
Lavitra – Lord ShivaLayak – Capable
Laxman – Lord Rama’s brother
Lakshmikant – Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshminarayan – Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together
Lakshmipati – Husband of Lakshmi
Lalit – name of Lord Krishna, attractive
Lalitesh – God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitlochan – One with beautiful eyes
Lalitmohan – Beautiful and attractive
Lav – Son of Lord Rama, fragment
Le, Li
Lekh – DocumentLiladhar – Lord Vishnu
Lochan – Bright eyesLohitaksh – Lord Vishnu
Lohendra – Lord of three worldsLohitaksha – Lord Vishnu
Lokakriti – Creator of The World.Lokanetra – Eye of the world
Lokesh – Lord BrahmaLoknath – Lord Vishnu
Loknaath – Lord of the worldLokranjan – Lord Vishnu
Lokpradeep – Gautam BudhaLomash – A sage
Lokprakash – Light of the worldLoro – Great Power
Lohit – Red, made of copper, Mars
Lohitashwa – One with red horse, Fire
Lokapujya – A name for Lord Hanuman
Lokbhushan – Ornament of the world
Lukesh – King of the empireLuv – Rama’s twin son
Luvya – Loveable

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