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Boy Baby Names Alphabet S -page 3

Satesh – Lord of hundreds Sathi – Partner
Sathindar Satin – Real
Satinath – Lord Shiva Satindra – Lord Shiva
Satish – Ruler of hundreds Satishchandra
Satkartar – Lord Vishnu Satpal – Protector
Satpati – Lord Indra Satrajit – Ever victorious
Satruijt – A son of Vatsa Satvamohan – Truthful
Satvat – Lord Krishna Satveer – Lord Vishnu
Satvik – Virtuous Satvinder – Lord of virtue
Satwik – Pure Satya – Pramod Ganesh
Satyadev – Lord of truth Satyajit – Victory of truth
Satyak – Honest Satyaki – Charioteer of Krishna
Satyakaam – Believer in truth Satyamurty – Statue of truth
Satyam – Honesty Satyankar – True; good
Satyanarayan – Lord Vishnu Satyapriya – Devoted to truth
Satyaprakash – Light of truth Satyavaan – Devoted to truth
Satyasheel – Truthful Satyen
Satyashrawaa – That who hears truth Saubal – Mighty
Satyendra – Lord of truth (Satyen) Saudeep
Saubhadra – Abhimanyu Saumit – Easy to get
Saumitr – Good friend Saumitra – Lakshman
Saumya – Handsome Saunak – Boy sage
Saurabh – Fragrance Saurav – Divine, celestial
Savar – Lord Shiva Savir – Leader
Savit – Sun Savitashri – Lustre of the sun
Savitendra – Lord of the sun Savith – Born on Sunday
Savya – Lord Vishnu Sawan – A Hindu month
Saguna – Possessed of good qualities
Sahastrabahu – One with thousand arms
Sahdev – One of the Pandava princes
Sai Satpurusha – Virtuous, Pious, Venerable One
Saiamartya – Immortal, Shirdi Sai Baba
Saijeevadhara – Support of All Living Beings
Saikalakala – Lord of Eternity, Shirdi Sai Baba
SaiKalateeta- Beyond Time Limitations
Saipraasad – Blessing or gift of God
Sakaleshwar – Lord of everything
Saketharaman – A Name for Lord Rama
Sambaran – Restraint; an ancient king
Sanyog – Joining together, combination
Saptarishi -7stars representing 7great saints
Sarbajit – Who has conquered everything
Sarvadaman – Son of Shakuntala-Bharat
Sarvagny – The All Knowing. Lord Vishnu
Sarvapalaka – Protector of All. Lord Krishna
Sarveshvara – Lord Of all. A Name for Lord Shiva
Satayu – Brother of Amavasu and Vivasu
Satya Pramod – The true person Ganesh
Satyadarshi – One who can see the truth
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