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Boy Baby Names Alphabet S -page 6

Shrimohan – Lord Krishna Shrinath – Lord Vishnu
Shringesh – Lord of pearls Shriniketan – Lord Vishnu
Shrinivas – Lord Vishnu Shripad – Lord Vishnu
Shripadma – Lord Krishna Shripal – Lord Vishnu
Shripati – Lord Vishnu Shrirang – Lord Vishnu
Shriram – Lord Rama Shriranjan – Lord Vishnu
Shriranga – Lord Vishnu Shrivarah – Lord Vishnu
Shrisha – Lord Vishnu Shrivatsa – Lord Vishnu
Shrivas – Lord Vishnu Shriyans – Wealth
Shrivatsav Shrutik
Shriyadita – Sun Shubh – Fortunate
Shubendra – Lord of virtue Shubhaksh – Lord Shiva
Shubhan – One who is Auspicious Shubhang – Handsome
Shubhankar – Auspicious Shubhashis – Blessing
Shubhasunad Shubhay – Blessing
Shubhendu – Lucky moon Shubhojit – Handsome
Shubhranshu – the moon Shubhratho
Shuddhashil – Well-born Shuk – A parrot
Shukla – Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Shuktij – Pearl
Shulandhar – Lord Shiva Shulabh – Easy
Shulin – Lord Shiva Shuna – Lord Indra
Shushil – Pleasant Shvant – Placid
Shvetambar – Lord Shiva Shvetang – Fair complexioned
Shvetank – Having a white mark Shvetanshu – Moon
Shvetavah – Lord Indra Shwas – breath
Shyam – Dark blue, black Shwetbhanu – Moon
Shyamak – Lord Krishna Shyamal – Black, dark blue
Shyamantak – Lord Krishna Shyamsunder – Lord Krishna
Shailesh – God of mountain, Himalaya
Shambhavi – Son Of Parvati. Lord Ganesha
Shankarshan – Lord Krishna’s brother
Shanmukha – Kartikeya, first son of Lord Shiva
Shashvata – A Name for Lord Rama Eternal
Shataaneek – Another name of Ganesha
Shat-manyu – Another name of Indra
Shat-padm – Hundred petaled lotus
Shatrunjay – One who overcomes enemies
Shattesh – King of mountains
Sheshdhar – One who holds snake
Shighra – Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shikhandin – Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Shirdi Prasad – A Name for Sai Baba
Shiromani – A jewel worn on the head
Shishir – Name of a season, cold
Shishupal – Son of Subhadra
Shiv – Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
Shivanand – One who is happy in Lord Shiva’s thoughts or Shiva’s worship
Shivendra – Lord Shiva; Lord Indra
Shivkumar – son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikeya) ( Shivanandan )
Shivshekhar – One at the top of Shiva -moon)
Shoora – Bold. A Name for Lord Hanuman
Shravankumar – A character from the epic Ramayana
Shreerang – Another name of Vishnu
Shreyash – who has everything, who is famous
Shrimate – Revered, Lord Hanuman
Shrivardhan – Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Shrutakeerti – Renowned, reputed
Shukra – Resplendent, Venus, Friday
Shwetambar – One who wears white clothes
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