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Chaturdasa Kalasa Visesha Puja Was Performed

13 April  2015 Guntur:
Visesha Puja at was performed at Police Parade Ground in Guntur.
Chaturdasa kalasa visesha puja was performed i.e. 14 kalasas.
After taking the permission of Venkateswara Swamy, ankurarpana and punyaha vachanam is performed by the archakas.
As Panchasukatas-Sri,Bhu, Nila, Purusha and Narayana Suktas are recited, Tirumanjanam is performed to the utsava murtis.
In the 14 kalasas Seven kalasas will have gingerly oil, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Akshatas (holy grains of rice), Darbha and Panchagavya and the remaining seven kalasas  will contain Sudhodaka (Pure Water).visesha-pooja-GunturLord Venkateswara-GunturGuntur-Lord-Venkateswaraphoto from ttd

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