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Chhath ka Prasad Details | Surya Shashthi Prasad Details

During the festival of Chhath Puja, special type of Prasad is prepared using different types of grains, fruits, spices and various other seasonal products, some of which are necessitated only due to the requirement of Chhath Puja.

“Thekua” is a very important Prasad of Chhath Puja which is a special type of sweet pudding made of flour, sugar or jaggery. It is prepared either in the night of Kharna or in the morning of Sandhya Ghat. This Prasad making ritual is performed by the Vratti and other family members in the kitchen, rooftop or at a cleaned place in the house.

The Process of Making Thekua or Chhath Prasad:

The ingredients for making Thekua include whole wheat flour raisins, dry coconut, jaggery or sugar, and ghee or refined oil. All these materials are purchased specially for this festival.

First of all, a watery solution of jaggery or sugar and water is made. It is sprinkled on the flour to form semi-dough (not too soft or too dry). A lump of dough is rolled and pressed against the sancha (wooden mould). Before pressing it against the wooden surface, small quantity of preheat oil or ghee is poured on the sancha to prevent the dough getting sticky.

This flattened piece of dough is deep fried in oil or ghee till it becomes golden brown.

Chhath Festival Day

Other Stuffs and Materials for Chhath Puja Prasad:

“Suthuni” is a kind of tuber fruit used as Prasad, which is found in the market only during Chhath Puja. Other items used as Prasad include Sugarcane with green leaves, Aruwa, Paddy (Sathi Dhan Variety), Lemon Gagal, Apples, Orange, Bodi, Cardamom, green Ginger, Coconut, Banana, Ghee and so on.

Some people make a special type of sweet puddings called gulgule and puris to include in Chhath Prasad.

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