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About Dhanuma Konda Gangamma Temple

Sri Dhanuma Konda Gangamma Temple is the family deity of Galla who are zamindars since long years back and they are Industrialists now. The care taking responsibility / development has been taken up by the Galla Family member even now.

The Pemma Gutta Hill lies in the east side of this village. The Mooduaalla Konda in the west, The Putta Kanhna Hill lies in the North side and the Yeddhala Gutta in the South direction of the village. The Goddess Gangamma Gopuram is installed at a height of 23 feet with four “DHIXPALAKAS” (Guards) on the front side having one “KALASAM” made up of Pancha Loha (Five types of Metals Mixed Together) on the top of the Gopuram. The Gopuram is constructed in the year 1975.

The Gopuram is facing towards East, constructed in the midst of 7 Feet Praharam (compound Wall).This temple was built by the Ancestors of Galla Family members (The Zamindars). For every two years, a Jathra (ceremony) will be celebrated.

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