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Durga Path Pran Pratistha at Ujjain


Is a human body of any value in the absence of life? No. Similarly, an idol is no better than the material it is made of, unless soul is infused in it through the observance of religious rituals. Durga Path Pran Pratistha is an exercise through which life is breathed into the idol of goddess Durga. The goddess is worshipped by chanting mantras that invite Her to dwell in the idol. Once this is accomplished, the statue in question is rendered the status of deity.

The Pooja for Durga Path Pran Pratistha needs to follow a set protocol and calls for expert’s assistance. Hence, hiring a renowned pandit for Durga Path Pran Pratistha is indispensible. If you are looking to hold your Pran Pratistha pooja in Ujjain, you can check out the various Durga Path Pran Pratistha services operating here. Although, most would offer sincere services, being picky is highly advisable.

Your Durga Path Pran Pratistha in Ujjain can be a success only if you know how to steer clear from the ‘snake oil sellers.’ With the right service provider, you receive satisfactory services without burning big holes in your pocket. So, follow these thumb rules and make your Durga pooja all the more memorable.

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Address / Contact Details:

Pandit Ritesh Brajballabh Trivedi,
Shitla mata ki gali,
Kartik Chawk,
Madhya Pradesh,
e-mail: pt.trivediritesh@gmail.com
Phone: +91 992 688 0889, +91 975 304 3960, +91 992 698 9915, 0734-2585712

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