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Edupayala Vana Durgamma Temple Medak, Timings, Jathara Details

The Vana Durga temple at the convergence point of the seven streams of River Manjeera is visited by lakhs of devotees every year on the occasion of Edupayala Jathara in the Magh masa or the Gregorian month February. This famous temple is situated in Nagsanpalli which is a small region within the district of Medak in Telangana. This point of convergence of the seven streams has brought about the popularity of the place in the tourism map of the state. The Edupayala Jathara gets its name from the literal meaning ‘Seven Streams’.

History: The legendary story associated with this festival dates back to the Mahabharata when Janamejeya, the grandson of Arjun had been performing the “sarpa yagam”. This yagna was a ritual whereby the snakes were sacrificed in the holy fire to end their race. Janamejeya had been doing this to save his father, Parikshit from a curse. Now it was the snakes’ turn to save their own selves. They approached the Ganga to wash out the Yagna fire. The Ganga arrived and divided the River Manjeera into seven small streams after the seven sages that we see now. These seven streams were divided in such a way that they touch the feet of Goddess Bhavani or Vana Durga at their meeting point in the temple. The seven streams or rivulets are named after the seven sages or rishis, Vasishta, Jamadagni, Viswamitra, Goutami, Bharadwaja, Atreya and Kasyapasa.
The jathara celebrated here is a three days affair. Many food stalls and shops are established in the jathara for business. Large numbers of devotees come to the jathara to enjoy after seeking the blessings of the Goddess. Devotees try to spend at least one night here. Hens and sheep are also sacrificed here for fulfilling their wishes. Many shops selling CDs, sweets and jewellery items are put up in the jathara that do roaring business.

Vana Durgamma Temple Edupayala

The Jathara starts with the Bandi Utsavam on Shivrathri. The festival is famous for the Rathotsavam. 32 decorated bullock carts tour the neighboring villages in these three days. The holy bath is an essential part of the festivity. Hence the Administration releases extra water during the festival to the Ghanpur Project. This action is carried out to enable the pilgrims and the devotees to take their customary bath at the sanctum where the seven streams meet. The Edupayala Jathara had been a prominent reason for the popularity of this small town for tourism.

Special Attractions:
The Edupayala Jathara, celebrated on Shivrathri attracts pilgrims from all over the state. Pilgrims from the neighboring states, mostly Karnataka and Maharashtra also visit the town during the festival.

How to Reach:
One may avail the train for reaching Medak. The nearest station is the Hyderabad Railway Station which is about 100 kms away. After reaching Medak, private taxis can be availed to reach the destination.
The buses from Hyderabad to Medak can be taken up. Theses buses run quite frequently from the Hyderabad MGBS Bus stand. On reaching the town, one can take up private transport to reach the temple.
Private transport or auto rickshaws can be taken to reach the temple from Medak town.

Edupayala Vana Durgamma Temple

Where to Stay:
One may easily find a reasonable accommodation in Medak. Budget hotels, 3 star hotels and guest houses are available to the tourists. Tourists also have the option of staying in Hyderabad and going on a day’s trip to Medak as it is close to the State capital.
A few renowned hotels in Medak are: Anjagoud Hotels, Green Corner Hotel and Manama Hotel.
Basic accommodation is made available to pilgrims by the State Government. However, it is advisable to carry your own water and food supplies.
Pilgrims also have the option of making their own makeshift tents close to the temple premises for spending the nights.

Hyderabad to Medak Bus Timings and Frequency:
The frequency of bus from Hyderabad to Medak Town is hardly 20 min.
The first bus from the capital starts at 5:30 am; the last one being at 10:00 pm

Nearest Railway Station:
The nearest railway station to the temple city is at Hyderabad. This is about 110 km away from the destination.

Edupayala Temple Timings:
On weekdays 5:30 am to 6:30 pm
Sundays 5.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Distance to Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani Temple:
From Hyderabad 104 Kms
From Warangal 156 Kms
From Medak 7 Kms
From Kamareddy 57 Kms

Edupayala Temple Address:
Medak District,
Telangana 502109
Phone: 098486 36484

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