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Emira Rama Navalla Lyrics in English and Meaning | Ramadasu Keerthana

Emira Rama Navalla English Lyrics:

Emira rAmA nAvalla nEramEmirA rAmA
Emi rAma eelAgu kashTamu nee mahimO nA prArabdhamO ॥

mandhara dhara nee sundara padamula
indirESa kanu gondu joopavE ॥

pankaja lOchana Sankara nuta nA
sankaTamunu mAnpavE ponkamutOnu ॥

dinamoka yugamuga ghanamuga gaDipeDi
tanayuni meedanu dayalEdayyO ॥

rAma rAma bhadrAchala seetA
rAma darSanamu prEmatO nElavE ॥

Emira Rama Navalla Meaning:

Oh Rama, what sin did I commit? Why am I in such trouble? Is it your power ? or is it my fate?

You are the bearer of Mandara mountain. Oh lord of Indira, please let me see your beautiful feet to worship.

Oh Rama, your eyes are beautiful like a lotus flower. You are adored by Sankara. Please obliterate my tribulations skillfully.

I am your devoted son spending heavily each day like a year. Alas, why are you so merciless? I am servant of Bhadrachala Sita Rama. Why don’t you protect me?

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