Fairfax SV Lotus Temple Vivaham / Wedding Ceremony Puja Material

1) Reservation with the Temple is required.
2) The following materials are to be supplied by the devotee.

Vivaham / Wedding Ceremony:

Turmeric powder 1/4 lb
Kumkum 1 pkt
Sandalwood paste/powder 1 pkt
Camphor 2 pkt
Incense Sticks 2 pkt
Flowers plenty
Fruits 12 Bananas & any other fruit
Coconuts 6
Rice 5 lbs
Betel leaves & nuts 4 leaves plus 2 nuts
Milk 1 carton
Honey 1 small bottle
Ghee 1 lb
Coins 40
Fire log or fire starter Towel or Fabric for Kalasam 1 towels or 2 yds. Fabric
Sugar 1 lb
Steel glasses 3 (new for punyahavachanam)
Green coconuts 2
Kajjuram / dry dates 1 small pack
Cumin seds & Jaggery (Jeelakarra & Bellam) Appropriate amount
Flower garlands 2
Thirumangalyam or Mangal sutra 1
New dhoti and sari will be needed for the bride and groom.
These are the basic requirements for a wedding ceremony. Additional garlands, coins etc. may be required depending upon the family’s tradition