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Goddess Padmavathi Had A Ride on Swarna Ratham

3rd May 2015 Tiruchanur:
On the second day of the on going three day Vasanthotsavam Goddess Padmavathi had a ride on Swarna Ratham around the temple on Sunday.

Hundreds of women pulled the wooden chariot on the four streets surround the temple, by chanting “Govinda and Padmavathi Nama”. The Swarna Rath yathra lasted for nearly one hour.

In the afternoon, ‘Snapana Tirumanjanam’ was given to Padmavathi Ammavaru, at the Friday Gardens which is located opposite to the temple. This religious ceremony was performed during the spring season to give a soothing relief to the deity.

SGD Executive Officer Smt Chenchu Lakshmi and Assistant Executive Officer Naga Rathna of Padmavathi Ammavari Temple has joined this celestial ceremony.Swarnaratham-Padmavathi-Ammavaruphoto from ttd

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