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Hayagriva Jayanti Puja Date 2017 Timings


Hayagriva Jayanti falls on 7th August 2017 (Monday)

Hayagriva Puja Muhurat = 4:24 pm to 7:03 pm
Duration = 2 Hours 38 Mins

Purnima Tithi Starts= 10:28 pm on 6 – August 2017
Purnima Tithi Starts = 11:40 pm on 7 – August 2017


Scriptures on Hayagreevar (Madhusoodhanan)
# Since, Lord Hayagreevar killed the asurAs, madhu and kaitapar, He is referred to as Madhusoodhanan.
# In BrahmANda puraaNam, Sri RangarajamahAthmyam, Om namO VishnavE Deva MadhussodhanathE Namah: refers to Madhusoodhanan Sri Hayagreevan.

# Srimad Valmiki RamayaNam BalakaaNdam 76th sargam, 17th slOkam Parasuraama says to Rama “akshayam madhuhanthaaram jaanaami tvaam surOtthamam”. I realise that You are the DevaadhiDevan, immortal, MahAVishNu, the One who killed madhu,kaitapar.

# Also, when Rama (before proceeding for His PattabhishEkham), gets up in the wee hours, in Brahma muhUrtham, He performs His anushtaanam and pays obeisance to Lord Hayagreevan “dhushtaava praNadhaischaiva sirasaa madhsoodhanam” (6th sargam-7th slokam).

# In Kishkinthaa kaanDam, Vaali tells Sri Rama “Even if that rAvaNan hids SitA in PaathaaLa lOkam, no problem. You could have just told me so. I world have brought SitA back from anywhere wheresoever like Sri Hayagreevar brought the Vedas killing Madhukaitapar. (17th sargam-49th slOkam)

# When Hanumaan went in search of sanjeevini, and other aushadhaas, he saw the pleace where chathurmukhan (brahmA) performed thiruvaaraadhanam for Lord Hayagreevar. Commentators, are reported to have praised this slOkam as “hayaananam, hayagreeva araadhana sthaanam”, and “hayaananam – BhagawathO Hayagreevasya sthaanam”.

# Sri MahAbhAratham, Santhi parvam mentions Haygreeva avataar.

# Sri HayagreevOpanishad, naturally elaborates the greatness of Haygreevar.

# In Rk vEdam, “vaagham bruNi sookhtham”, “apradhiratham”, Yajur vEdham, “yajnya prakaraNam”, Saama vEdham, udgItam, # AdharvaNa vEdham, Shanthikam, Bhaushtikam are all referring to the greatness of Lord Hayagreevar.

# Periya Thirumozhi 7-8-2, by Thirumangai AzhwAr says “munivvEzhu ulaghum iruL maNdiyuNNa munivarOdu ??parimukhanaay aLittha paramanai kaaNmin”.. maeaning: “See the Lord who appeared as the white horse faced Lord to recover the VedhAs when the whole world was pitch dark due to the absence of four Vedas”

# Thiruvaaymozhi 2-7-6 NammAzhwAr says “madhusoodhananai anRi maRRilEn..” There is NONE but Madhusoodhanan only? which refers to Lord Hayagreevan. (eeadu vyAkhyaanam also explicitly refers to Lord Hayagreevan)

# Also Thiruvaaymozhi 2-8-5 “maavaaghi, amaiyaay, meenaaghi, maanidamaay.” Commentators say that maavaaghi refers to Lord Hayagrrevan. Upanishad bhAshyakaaarar Sri Rangaraamanuja Swami. HayO bhUthvaa, HayagrIvO bhUthvaa? – is referred to in 9000 padi Bhagavath Vishayam. Says Saakshaath Swami or Periya Parakaala Swami. He refers the padham “maavaaghi to Lord Hayagreevan only.

# PeriyAzhwAr pAsuram 1-9-10 “thunniya pEriruL soozhndhu ulaghai mooda, manniya naan maRai muRRUm maRaindhida?.” Refers to Sri Hayagreevan.

Our AchAryAs on Sri Hayagreevan
# Alavandhaar (Yamuna muni) while praises his Grandfather (his Guru’s Guru), says “madhu jithangri sarOja thatva jnAna anuraag..” .

# He (Nathamuni) became a great jnAni/bhakthA at the Feet of Madhsoodhanan (Hayagreevan). YamunAchArya also refers in his SthoThra Rathnam 13th slOka to Haygreevan for which Periyavaacchaan PiLLai comments that it narrates about the recovery of Vedas by Lord Hayagreeva and handing over to BrahmA. That makes us realise Alavandhaar’s involvement on Lord Hayagreevan. He also requests the Lord Madhusoodhanan (in 57th slOkam) to mercifully remove all non-vedic thoughts in the world and traditions existing in the world to save us as He did earlier as Haygreevan by killing madhukaitapar to establish/recover Vedas.

# SvEthAsvara upanishad, “yO BrahmANam vidhadhaadhi poorvam?. Mumukshuvai saraNamaham prapdhyE..” means: adiyEn who is interested only in mOksham, a mumukshu, surrenders to the Paramapurushan, who did parama upakaaram by recovering Vedas from madhukaitapar and handed over to BrahmA to save the world”- i.e Lord Hayagreevan.” BhAshyakaarar Sri Ramaujar took this manthrA in his Saranaagathi Gadhyam and surrenders to the Lord.

# Here asvam in svEthAsvara upanishad refers to the Lord Hayagreevan (White Horse faced Lord)and that is why Swami Desikan refers # Lord Haygreevan in Rahasyathraya saaram as “veLLai parimukhar”. (Swami Desikan’s bhakti for Hayagreevan needs no elaboration to this Group)

# Sri Kooratthaazhwaan in his “sundharabaahusthavam” 84th slOkam highlights Sri Hayagreeva avataar.
In 121st slOkam also, Kuresa says “Do not think that there are only 10 avataars of the Lord. Even Hamsa, hayagreeva, NaranaraayaNa avataars are also His only are equally grand and great.

# In 58th slOkam of Sri Vaikunta sthavam of Kooratthaazhwaan, it is said “Adhyaathma saasthraas are established by Emperumaan in Hayagrreva avtaar by recovering vedas and saving the world.

# Swami Desikan in his last pAsuram of Sri RTS, says “It is the white horse faced Lord who wrote in my mind and I have written that on the palm leaves.

# Lakshmi Hayagriva Bhagavan is the Archa Murthy of both Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam as well as Sri Parakala Matam.

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