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Horsley Hills Madanapalle | Andhra Ooty | Hill Station Madanapalle, Chittoor

Distance : 120 kms from Tirupati RTC Bus stand.
Horsley Hills is the famous hill resort situates in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh. Horsley Hills is an enthralling, charming little hill station. It is a beautiful summer resort with luxurious vegetation and rich fauna. Named after WD Horsley, the then collector of Kadapa District, these hills are situated at an altitude of 1,265m from the sea-level. It is said that WD Horsley built himself a bungalow to escape the heat waves from the plains during summer.

horsley-hillsThe climate at Horsley Hills is relaxing with temperature ranging from 20 deg C to 32 deg C maximum, even in summers. This is one of the major assets that draw number of tourists to Horsley Hills in summers. Even the surrounding comprising of the lush green plains spread all over, the forest, though not dense, ads to its beauty.

Even on the hills that are lush with dense forest and thick greenness, you can see various species of plants stretching along the narrow roads. The journey to Horsley Hills gives a good experience. There are trees like Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Allamanda, Gulmohar and flowering plants like Reeta, Shikakai, Amla, Beedi leaves, Bay leaves, Red Sanders and Blue gum found in the forest.

There is sandalwood trees found all over Horsley Hills. The Horsley hill does not lag behind in the species of fauna found here. In the dense forests of the shady slope hills, wooded with luxurious vegetation, you can find animals like bear, wild dogs, jungle fowls, Sambar and Panther.

The Chenchu tribes dwell in the forest of Horsley Hills. They rear their famous Pungannur cows, which eat less fodder and yield more milk. There is also a 150-year old Eucalyptus tree called “Kalyani”, which makes a well-known attraction. Thus, the fresh and untainted air provides complete solitude away from the hustle-bustle of the city and gives you an everlasting experience with perfect peace of mind.

About 50kms from Horsley hills, towards Madanapalle, there is Gurramkonda. It’s a fort said to be built by the Golconda Sultans and stands about 500 feet high. The three sides of the fort consist of perpendicular cliffs. Some local legend has it that the name was derived from the fact that a horse was guarding the fort and that place was unconquerable so long as the horse remained there. It makes a beautiful place to visit.

How to reach

Horsley Hills can be reached either by road, rail or air, however, road being the best way to travel.

The nearest airports are at Tirupati and Bangalore each at a distance of 160 kms and 165 kms respectively. From airport you can hire a taxi and reach Horsley Hills.

The nearest railway station is at Madanapalle Road, which is 13kms from proper Madanapalle town from where Horsley Hills is at a distance of 43 kms.

There are regular government-run buses from Tirupati and Madanapalle. You also have some private taxi agencies that ply to the hill resort. The best option is to drive, if you have your own car or you can probably hire a taxi to reach as you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of this hill station.

Another route from Chennai is via Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram, Ranipet, Chittoor, Palamner then Madanapalle and then to Horsley hills. However, this distance is about 280kms, there are well-laid roads for most of the distance. The roads are dug up at the Moghili Ghat but otherwise it’s good over all. Along the way make sure you fill up you vehicle tank at Madanapalle.

Horsley Hills (Best Seasons)

The Horsley Hills have a delightful cool climate. The hills abound with rich flora and fauna. It is a charming little hill station at an altitude of 1,265 metres above sea level and forms the most elevated table land in the south of Andhra Pradesh. This is the coolest place and is a summer resort.

Address :
Holiday Home (R . R .Resorts ),
Horsley Hills, Madanapalle,
Chittor District.
Andhra Pradesh
Mobile : 09440671253 , 08885339777

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