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Imphal Sri Sri Radha Krishnacandra Temple | Sangaiprou Imphal ISKCON

Imphal ISKCON Timings:

4.30 am to 9.00 pm All Days.

Temple Rituals And Timings:

Mangala arati 4.30 am
Tulasi-Puja arati 5.00 am
Japa Meditation 5.15 am
Srimad Bhagavatam discourse 6.30 am
Sringar darshan 7.30 am
Guru puja 7.45 am
Raj Bhoga arati 12.30 pm
Usthapana arati 4.30 pm
Sandhya arati 7.00 pm
Bhagavad Gita discourse 7.40 pm
Shayana arati 8.30 pm

ISKCON Temple Imphal

About The Temple:

The ISKCON Imphal Shrine Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra, located near the banks of the Imphal River, is dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna. With a unique architecture, the structure of this temple is made of bricks covered with white cement. This gives the impression that the sanctuary is built with white marbles. In addition to its exclusivity, the dome-shaped ceiling with beautiful paintings, which represent different phases and stories related to the life of Lord Krishna.

Another notable feature of the temple is its natural lighting system which provides a clear view of the Sankirtan area, the main place for prayers and offerings. Above Sankirtan is a collection of vibrant gems, specially imported from France.

The non-stop songs of Hare Rama Hare Krishna can be heard from the moment you enter the temple. The hymns are very sweet and infuse your mind and soul with a sense of serenity. The sanctuary aura is indescribable on the occasion of Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday). This temple is beautifully lit and decorated with flowers during the festival.

Festivals Celebrated:

Janmashtami – 8th day of Krishna paksh (Shraavan Month)
Radhaashtami – September
Jagannatha Ratha Yatra – June – July
Govardhan puja – October
Ram Navami – March
Gaura poornima – March / April
Narsimha chaturdasi – May
Balarama purnima – August
Julhan Yatra – August
Gita jayanthi – November

Imphal ISKCON Temple Address:

Hare Krishna Land,
Airport Road,
India – 795001
Phone: +91(385)2455432, 91(385)9856009357, 91(385)098560 09357