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ISKCON Haridwar, Uttarakhand | Haridwar ISKCON Temple Timings

Haridwar ISKCON Timings:

4.30 AM to 12.30 PM and 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM

ISKCON Haridwar Daily Sevas:

4:30 am Mangala arati
5:00 am Tulasi-Puja arati
5:15 am Japa Meditation
6:30 am Srimad Bhagavatam discourse
7:30 am Sringar darshan
7:45 am Guru puja
12:30 pm Raj Bhoga arati
4:30 pm Usthapana arati
7:00 pm Sandhya arati
7:40 pm Bhagavad Gita discourse
8:30 pm Shayana arati

ISKCON Haridwar

About Haridwar Iskcon:

In Haridwar, the seed of Krishna consciousness was personally planted by His Divine Grace Srila Saraswati Thakur Bhaktisidhhanta, the spiritual master of the founder ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada Acharya. Srila Saraswati Thakur visited Haridwar with a group of disciples and preached to Krishna consciousness. There he established the mathematical center of Gaudia and installed deities of Sri Radha Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada also visited Haridwar with many foreign disciples in May 1977 while on his way to Rishikesh for the improvement and restoration of health. He was here a few days and I liked it a lot. When locals and visitors came to know that Srila Prabhupada is there, they were eager to meet him. Everyday, Prabhupada met people in the evening time and preached to them on Krishna consciousness. Seeing the spiritual meaning that Srila Prabhupada wanted a beautiful temple here. In his letters, Prabhupada has also inspired other people to visit here.

From time to time, many sankyai and Iskcon preachers continued to go to Haridwar to preach. It was in 1992 when HHNava Yogendra Swami Maharaj, one of Srila Prabhupada’s main disciples, came here with few devotees and started a regular preaching program for local residents and visitors and soon he was able to have a small place to preach. a small lawn. The resident devotees started the temple program, Nagar Kirtan, the book distribution and the development of the congregation. From time to time, His Holiness came and encouraged the devotees to preach, but we did not have our own property in Iskcon. Then, by the grace of Krishna, His Holiness alone organized a beautiful building for the conscious activities of Krishna. We changed our temple in the new building and the first official center of Iskcon started in 1994.

Although the center is not very large, many visitors and places have been inspired and have come to know Krishna consciousness. Some of them started singing, following four rules, they also joined ISKCON as full-time devotees in various centers in India. Soon we were able to attract many dignitaries such as central and state government officials, VIPs who visited the temple during festivals.

In 2007, we undertook renovations and modified this center. Now, there is a small but beautiful temple hall with a beautiful altar (deity room) where Sri Gopal Ji and Sri Sri Gaur Nitai (the presiding deities) are seated. There are many achievements of devotees and visitors about Your Lordships. Many times, His Lordships have put their pity on visitors and devotees to come in dreams. Sometimes visitors simply come here to stay, but these achievements completely transform them and they begin to follow Krishna consciousness and become devotees. We have a small guesthouse with only 4-5 rooms for visitors and guests of life who come and stay to offer their services to the lotus feet of their lordship.

Iskcon Haridwar recognizes the distribution of the book, the preaching of youth and the development of the congregation as his main praching programs. We have recently started the bhakti vrksha program with 2 groups and many families are benefiting from this conscious Krishna activity. We also conduct youth preaching programs under the banner of the Prabhupada Youth Forum. There is also a separate girl’s wing for girls. Many young people participate enthusiastically. Regularly, devotees and young people go to the distribution of books and books in har ki paudi, public places and massive public programs. Thousands of books are distributed each year. Iskcon Haridwar also organizes mass preaching programs every year during Janamastami, Gour Purnima, Ram Navami, Goverdhan Puja, etc. Many dignitaries, personalities and thousands of people come to participate. On special occasions, we also organize nagar kirtan, sobha yatra. We organize a spiritual journey such as Hrishikesh, Badrinath, Vrindavan, Puri, etc. encourage people. On any special occasion or bathing event, visitors come, stay and benefit from various programs of Krishna consciousness. Iskcon Haridwar plays an active role during Kumbh in assisting at Iskcon activities such as local official works, Pandal erection, book distribution, food for life and voluntary support, etc.

The Haridwar resident has welcomed Iskcon as the largest part of the Vedic culture and true instructor of the society. Many people have sought true spirituality and have been deceived by the so-called philosophers or preachers of self-created religions. When they got Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, their search ended and their minds were convinced by the teachings of the facts.
Now, we are trying to acquire land that is in conflict. We have plans for the future in the roles of a great temple in this place that includes the Auditorium, Goushala, Guest House, Gurukul, Restaurant, etc.

We all pray to the lotus feet of the predecessors Acharyas, Vaisnavas and Supreme Lord Krishna so that we can obtain this new land, where we can fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s dream of a beautiful temple in Haridwar.

Temple Activities:

School Preaching
Congregational Preaching
College Preaching
Harinaam (Proccesions)
Book Distribution
Save Mother Ganga – A Movement To Stop Anarth
Cow Protection
Free Education
Food For Life
Medical Camps
Personality Development
Rath Yatra


Srila Prabhupada Ashram,
Gauranga House,
Nai Basti,
Mahadev Nagar,
Uttarakhand – 249401.


Iskcon, Sri Vaikunth Dham
Pp. Nagli Bela Ashram, Bhupatwala
Haridwar – 249401, Uttrakhand

Tel no: – 01334 – 260818,
Telefax: – 01334 – 262818
Mobile – 09411111894, 09557278087, 09557515262, 07895133211-2
E- mail – jaijagdishdas@gmail.com, mahamantradas@rediffmail.com iskcon.haridwar@pamho.net, admin@iskconharidwar.com

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