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ISKCON Kokosovce – New Ekacakra, Slovakia

The new Ekachkra Center of the Slovak Krishna – ISKCON is located in a small village Abranovce in Presov. In a pleasant atmosphere, the hills of Slanske slowly develop a project of ecological farms. The motto of the Hare Krishna Farms is “simple life and deep thought,” as A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada teaches in his books. This project aims to show the way of life based on spiritual understanding and simple way of life. And not only show, but also give the opportunity to live this way of life, as well as to teach and guide people towards this human and natural way of life. Such a way of life according to the scriptures and makes a person happy and satisfied.

ISKCON Kokosovce Slovakia

Abranovce 60,
Slovakia – 08252.
Phone: +421 (051) 7798482, 0911947108

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