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ISKCON Temple in Perm, Russia | Hare Krishna Temple in Russia

According to the religious affiliation of the MPO, POSK refers to the teachings of Vaisnavism, one of the main directions of traditional Hinduism, founded in the 16th century by Sri Krishna Chaitanya and authoritatively represented in the books of His Divine Grace A.Ch. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The notion of “Vaishnavism” is identical with the concepts: “Krishnaism”, “Krsna consciousness”; “Hare Krishna” is the most widespread name in Russia for the followers of Vaishnavism. The activities of the MRO POSC are based on the principles of legality, publicity and voluntariness. The movement of Krsna consciousness, or ISKCON, is a cultural movement that seeks to inspire the whole society. Followers of ISKCON, Vaisnavas, teach that the highest goal of each person is to gain love, not just love, but love of the highest level, love of God. And it does not depend on race, nationality or religious affiliation.


Perm ISKCON Temple Address:

Ulitsa L’va Shatrova, 32,
Permskiy kray,
Russia, 614064