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Jonnawada Kamakshi 2023 Brahmotsavams Dates

Jonnawada Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi Amma Temple is a Hindu temple located in the village of Jonnawada, Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is known as Mallikarjuna Swamy, and the goddess Kamakshi Amma. It is believed to be one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas, which are the holiest temples in Hinduism.

The temple complex is spread over a large area and includes several other shrines dedicated to various deities. The main temple has a unique architecture, with a square base and a pyramid-shaped tower. The idol of Mallikarjuna Swamy is in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, and the idol of Kamakshi Amma is located in a separate shrine.

The temple attracts a large number of devotees, especially during the annual festival of Maha Shivaratri, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The temple also has a rich history and is believed to have been built during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Jonnawada Kamakshi Amma Temple 2023 Brahmotsavams

The Brahmotsavams are scheduled to start annually on the seventh day of the waning phase of the moon in the Hindu month of Vaishaka, and conclude on the first day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Jyestha. Every year Jonnawada Kamakshi Brahmotsavams is celabrated for 11 days with greate pomp. This year Brahmotsavam starts on May 10th with Ankurarpanam and ends on 20th May with Dwajavarohanam, Alakalatopu in the morning, Aswa Vahana Seva and Ekanta Seva in the night.

Jonnawada Kamakshi 2023 Brahmotsavams Dates

DayDateWeek DaysMorning UstavamNight Seva
Day 1May 10WednesdayAnkurarpanam
Day 2May 11ThursdayDwajarohanamTirucha Ustavam
Day 3May 12FridayTirucha UstavamSesha Vahana Seva
Day 4May 13SaturdayTirucha UstavamPurushamruga Vahana Seva
Day 5May 14SundayTirucha UstavamSimha Vahana Seva
Day 6May 15MondayTirucha UstavamHamsa Vahana Seva
Day 7May 16TuesdayTirucha UstavamRavana Vahana Seva
Day 8May 17WednesdayGinnebiksha SevaNandi Vahana Seva
Day 9May 18ThursdayRathotsavamGaja Vahana Seva / Simha Vahana Seva
Day 10May 19FridayKalyanotsavamTeppotsavam
Day 11May 20SaturdayDwajavarohanam, AlakalatopuAswa Vahana Seva, Ekanta Seva

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