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Karthika Puranam Pooja Benefits, Dos and Don’ts, Daily Importance

Karthika Masam Dos and Don’ts:

  • Must take shower (including hair) daily.
  • Must Light Deepam every evening and do pooja.
  • Read one chapter in Karthika Puranam’s book every day. It is even good to hear the story if someone is reading it aloud.
  • Prepare Prasadam on Mondays, Kartika Poornima, Koti Somavaram and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as Prasadam
  • One should not eat Onion, garlic and non-veg food for the whole month.
  • Should not use sesame oil for anything except for lighting Deepam.
  • Should not eat urad dal.
  • Must take meal only once per day for the 30 days. We can eat breakfast at night or at least, we must follow this on auspicious days like Mondays, Karthika Poornima, Koti Somavaram etc.
  • Below is the elaborate description of different worships done in Karthika Masam. All of these are not compulsory but if done will give enormous spiritual wealth.

TithiTithi Devta and PujaPhalam (Benefit)
Karthika Suddha PadyamiLord ShivaTejas (Glory)
Karthika Suddha VidiyaLord VishnuSanthi (Peace of mind)
Karthika suddha TadiyaShaktiAishwarya Prapthi (Wealth)
Karthika Suddha ChavithiNaga devatas / Lord SubrahmanyeswaraAyush and Arogya Prapthi (Longevity and Health)
Karthika Suddha PanchamiLord SubrahmanyeswaraKarya siddhi (Success in work)
Karthika Suddha ShasthiLord SubrahmanyeswaraSanthana prapthi (Children)
Karthika Suddha SapthamiLord Surya (Sun)Tejas and Arogya (Glory and Health)
Karthika Suddha AshtamiGoddess DurgaSankata nivarana (Relief from Miseries)
Karthika Suddha NavamiPithru devatasKutumba soukhyam (Happy family)
Karthika Suddha DasamiLord Ganesh /
Gajendra moksha parayana for Lord Vishnu
Relief from Obstacles
Karthika Suddha EkadashiLord ShivaKarya siddhi (Success in work)
Karthika Suddha DwadashiLord VishnuDhana Dhanya vriddhi
(Wealth and Good life)
Karthika Suddha TrayodashiLord VishnuTejas (Glory)
Karthika Suddha ChaturdashiLord Kala BhairavaAkala Mruthyu Haranam (Relief from sudden Deaths)
Karthika Suddha PournamiLord Shiva / Lord KrishnaMoksha
Karthika Bahula PdyamiLord Agni (Fire)Tejas (Glory)
Karthika Bahula VidiyaAshwani devatas (Two Doctors of Gods)Arogya (Health)
Karthika Bahula TadiyaGauri (Parvathi)Soubhagya (Good for Husband and Children)
Karthika Bahula ChavithiLord GaneshKutumba Saukhyam (Gives happy family life)
Karthika Bahula PanchamiLord SubrahmanyeswaraVijaya (Victory)
Karthika Bahula ShasthiLord SubrahmanyeswaraSanthana Vriddhi (Children)
Karthika Bahula SapthamiLord SuryaAyush and Arogya (Longevity and Health)
Karthika Bahula AshtamiAshta LakshmiSanthi (Peace)
Karthika Bahula NavamiGoddess DurgaKarya siddhi (Success everywhere)
Karthika Bahula DasamiAshta Dikpalakas (Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirruthi, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, Eeshana[Shiva])Keerthi (Fame)
Karthika Bahula EkadashiKuberaDhana Prapthi (Money)
Karthika Bahula DwadashiLord VishnuYoga Prapthi (Eternal unity)
Karthika Bahula TrayodashiLord YamaVyadhi Nivarana (Relief from severe diseases)
Karthika Bahula ChaturdashiMruthyunjaya (A form of Lord Shiva)Arogya (Relief from diseases and Healthy body and mind)
Karthika Bahula AmavasyaPithru DevathasMano Dhairyam (Mental stability)

Karthika Masam Importance:

  1. Sri Maha Vishnu goes to Yoga Nidra (sleep) on Ashadha Suddha Ekadashi and wakes-up on Karthika Suddha Ekadashi.
  2. Lord Shiva kílled Tripurasuras on Karthika Pournami day to protect the world.
  3. Goddess Ganga enters into rivers, canals, ponds and wells and makes them as pious as Ganga.
  4. Ayyappa Deeksha is taken in Karthika Masam and is continued up to Makara Sankranthi.

Must sing Damodarastakam during Kartik Month:

Sri Damodara Astakam Lyrics in Hindi | English |  Kannada | Telugu | Tamil

Karthika Masam Everyday Significance:

  • Padyami: 1st day of Karthika Masam.Should go to Lord Siva or Lord Vishnu temple to pray them to give strength to do the puja for the whole month. This is the Day we start lighting Akasa Deepam. The Lamp you light either at the entrance of your house or at Siva or Vishnu temple.
  • Vidiya: 2nd day of karthika masam. Brother should go to his sister’s house on this auspicious day and eat the food cooked by her and bestow her with blessings and gifts.
  • Thadiya: 3rd day of the month. Good Day to do Thrilochana Guri Vratham.. Those who are unable to do the Vrath can do Kumkuma Archana or Puja to Maa Parvathi on this day.
  • Chavithi: 4th Day is Chavithi. It is said to be Nagula Chavithi in Andhra. On this day its good to worship Lord Subramanya Swamy (Murugan).
  • Panchami: 5th day is Panchami, also known as Jnana Panchami. Need to do Puja for Lord Subramanya swamy.
  • Shasti: 6th Day is Shasti. Should not eat your favorite items today.
  • Saptami: 7th Day is Sapthami: Pray to Lord Surya (Sun God) and donate tie wheat in a red color cloth and donate
  • Ashtami: 8th Day is Ashtami, also known as Gopala Ashtami, Need to do puja to Go matha (Holy Cow).
  • Navami: 9th Day is Navami, good to start Vishnu Thri Rathra Vratham, which need to be done for 3 days. It’s good to do puja for Lord Vishnu in the evening and Nighttime.
  • Dasami: 10th Day is Dasami, pray to Lord Vishnu today.
  • Ekadasi: 11th Day is Ekadasi, Do fasting (Upavasam) and break the fast on Dwadasi.
  • Dwadasi: 12th Day is Dwadasi, known as Khseerabdi Dwadasi . Lord Vishnu will wake up from his Yoga Nidra on this day. Do Puja to Lord vishnu. Good to do Puja under Gooseberry tree or Tulsi plant.
  • Trayodasi: 13th Day is Trayodasi, a Good day to skip dinner. Auspicious to donate Saligrama Sila  to Brahmin
  • Chaturdashi: 14th Day is Chathurdasi, good to donate today, Not to eat your favorite food
  • Pournami: 15th Day is Pournami. Need to do Nadi Snanam (Taking Bath in River). Do puja to Lord Varuna. Auspicious to light Diya at Lord Siva or Vishnu temple. It brings a lot of good.
  • Bahula Padyami: 16th Day is Bahula Padyami. Not to eat stocked food and Yogurt.
  • Vidiya: 17th Day is Vidiya. Good day to do Vana Bhojanam. It is said that offering prayers to Lord Vishnu under the Gooseberry tree and then having food there with relatives and friends will bring great benefits.
  • Thadiya: 18th Day is Thadiya . Good to donate Thulasi Mala to Bramhin.
  • Chavithi: 19th Day is Chavithi.  Need to do pooja to Lord Vinayaka with Garika ( a type of grass, favorite for Ganapathi).
  • Panchami: 20th day is Panchami. Need to feed the animals, ants, birds etc…
  • Shasti: 21st day is Shasti. Need to do Puja to Grama Devatha. Good to donate whatever you can depend on your status.
  • Saptami: 22nd Day is Sapthami. Need to do puja to Lord shiva with white Calotropis Gigantea (Jilledu in Telugu, Erukku in Tamil).
  • Ashtami: 23rd Day is Ashtami. Need to do puja for Kala Bhirava with Vada ( Garelu in Telugu).
  • Navami: 24th day is Navami. Good to donate water, red color saree, blouse piece, bangles etc.
  • Dasami: 25th day is Dasami: Good to donate food, need to do upavasam (fasting).
  • Ekadasi: 26th day is Ekadasi: Doing Deeparadhana (lighting the Lamp), Listening to Puranas will give great benefits today.
  • Dwadasi: 27th Day is Dwadasi: Good to donate food for the needy.
  • Thrayodasi: 28th Day is Thrayodasi. Need to do puja to Navagraha. Good to do Fasting on the name of Navagraha.
  • Chaturdasi: 29th Day is Chathurdasi. Today is known as Masa Siva rathri, Need to pray to lord Siva and doing fasting in the daytime is good.
  • Amavasya: 30th Day is Amavasya . Need to donate food on the name of pithru devathalu (the deceased). Good to do fasting. Last day of lighting Akasa Deepam. Need to light the lamp at the temple and offer coconut to Lord.

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