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Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Temple Timings, Story

Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Temple is 1100 years old ancient temple situated on the banks of River Krishna in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The presiding deity is Lord Laxminarshima Swamy and he is swayambu (self manifested).

Kethagiri King Ketha Varma ruled this place in 11th century hence got the name Kethavaram. Kethavaram is also known as Kaataaram or Kethaaram. Legands say King Ketha Varma constructed 108 temples when he ruled this place.

Kethavaram Temple is one of the most important 9 Narasimha Swamy Temples across India and is of the Pancha Narashima Kshetram in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana. Huge Number of devotees visit this Historical Temple during the Krishna Pushkaralu.

Sri Narasimha Swamy at Kethavaram is a Swayambhu Moorthy (self-manifested deity). The Mother Goddess is Chenchu Lakshmi. There seems to be 2 temples here. One is at the foot of the hill and the other is at the hill top. There are 600 steps to reach the hill temple.

Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Temple History:

Once, during the reign of KethaVarma, the Lord appeared in the dream of a Yadava king who ruled a nearby land and told him about his presence on the hill of Kethavaram. King Yadava immediately conveyed this message to King Ketha Varma, who carried out exhaustive search on the hill and finally discovered Lord Sri Narasimha’s Swayambhu Moorthy.

Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Temple

Kethavarma constructed a temple on the place and organized NityaPooja. The Festivals began to be celebrated with great splendor. Lord Narasimha pays homage to the devotees with Mother Mahalakshmi. There is also a shrine for Sri Anjaneya in this temple.

Vajralaya – While digging the land here for a tank, one worker was hit by a stone and it began bleeding. Testing the rock, it turned to be a diamond rock. Further digging brought out some idols also. Hence, Lord Narasimha is praised as Vajralaya., vajram meaning diamond.

Kethavaram Laxminarshima Swamy Address:

Sri Narasimha Temple,
Guntur district,
Andhra Pradesh – 522411.
Phone: 097052 23505

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