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Krishna West Panama

We are a community community connection point for those seeking a genuine spiritual impulse. Let the culture of consumption and desperate an oasis of calm where are evaluated the qualities of wisdom and kindness.

We are only a few steps away from the city’s tension, but you will feel millions of miles away.

ISKCON Temple Panama

Your home away from home, in the center of the city, near your heart! We offer spiritual advice. And we win it from our apartment in San Francisco. We belong to ISKCON or International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which was founded in New York in 1966, our teacher, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who came from India with this spiritual science of Bhakti Yoga, which has more than 5000 years of existence. In Panama, ISKCON activities started in 1973 … and our subsidiary or initiative, Krishna West Panama, since 2002. Our activity is to share information about Bhakti Yoga in a very simple way for Westerners who are going directly to the essence without forcing someone to Hindu ethnic external concepts, based on the perfect use of time, place and local circumstances. Our activities are every two months where the meetings we share processes and knowledge of yoga meditation regularly outdoors, almost always in the Parque Omar, because it is very close and is much more comfortable for everyone. In addition to this, we have philosophy and meditation classes by email or physical sessions in our center. We have a WhatsApp group where we continue to communicate every day. We do not pay anything to participate and each participant has complete freedom to make decisions and carry out the processes we share at your disposal and satisfaction. We are of full public access and we have no restrictions on age, gender, race, culture and religion to participate. If you wish, you can call us for more details, we are always here to serve you!


Las Cumbres,
10 entrada,
Villa Zaita frente a INPSA,
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