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Kumbha Sankranti Punya Kaal Muhurta

While all twelve Sankrantis occurring year-round are auspicious, it is the eleventh month of the Hindu calendar that holds significance for Kumbha Sankranti. Devotees believe in the practice of giving towards charity during Sankranti. This act known as Dan Punya is done with great fervor alongside certain other rituals and practices in connection with Sankranti.

Devotees and believers of Kumbha Sankranti consider the sixteen ghatis prior to the actual Sankranti as auspicious while the period occurring before the sixteen ghatis for involvement in charity-based activity.

Cows are treated with great dignity and respect during Kumbha Sankranti. In addition to this ritualistic practice, taking a holy bath in the waters of Triveni, where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet is practiced on this day. People in the southern states of India refer to Sankranti by the name of Sankramamam.
Kumbha Sankranti

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