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List of Guntur Pushkaralu Ghats 2016 Andhra Pradesh

Pushkaralu 2016

  • Guntur Anupu ghat
    Address : Macherla
  • Guntur Vijayapuri South (Krishnaveni Ghat)
    Address : Macherla
  • Guntur Satrasala
    Address : Rentachintala
  • Guntur gurazala mandalam, Gottimukkala
    Address : Gurazala
  • Guntur Daida
    Address : Gurazala
  • Guntur Pondugala
    Address : Dachepalli
  • Guntur Pondugala
    Address : Dachepalli
  • Guntur Ramapuram
    Address : Dachepalli
  • Guntur Bhatrupalem
    Address : Bhatrupalem Village of Dhachepalli Mandal
  • Guntur Katrapadu
    Address : Katrapadu Ho.Bhatrupalem village of Dhachepalli Mandal
  • Guntur Tangeda
    Address : Dachepalli
  • Guntur Regulagadda, Machavaram Mandal Regulagadda Pushkara Ghat
    Address : Machavaram Regulagadda
  • Guntur Vellampalli, Machavaram Mandal Vellampalli Pushkara Ghat
    Address : Machavaram
  • Guntur Govindapuram, Machavaram Mandal Govindapuram Pushkara Ghat
    Address : Machavaram
  • Guntur Nandularevu, H/o Madipadu, A vary famous Nandularevu ghat of uttaravahini its nearer to pulichintala project & Sivalayam temple
    Address : Nandularevu H/o Madipadu villageGhat no 105B ClassAtchampet Mandal
  • Guntur Madipadu, Sivalayam very famous temple is near this ghat.
    Address : Madipadu village Ghat no 106B Class Atchampet Mandal
  • Guntur Ginjupalli ghat
    Address : Ginjupalli village 107 Atchampet mandal guntur district
  • Guntur Taduvai, Sivalayam temple and Kanakadurgam temple and anjaniyaswamy temple is near this ghat.
    Address : Taduvai Village Atchampet Mandal C Class
  • Guntur Chinthapalli, a very famous Sri Venkatadri nayudu kota and Sri Vishnu Murthy temple which is just 0.5 kms distance from ghat
    Address : Chintapalli villageGhat no 109C Class Atchampet Mandal
  • Guntur Chamarru a very famous Sri Siddi Vinayaka swamy temple and Sri veer Bhadra swamy temple which is just 0.5 kms distance from ghat
    Address : Chamarru villageGhat no 110C ClassAtchampet mandal
  • Guntur Damuluru Ghat-1
    Address : IBRAHIMPATAM Damuluru
  • Guntur Chamarru, Sri Siddi Vinayaka temple; Sri Veera Bhadra swamy temple which is just 0.5kms distance in Chamarru ghat.
    Address : Chamarru Village Ghat no 110C Class Atchampet Mandal
  • Guntur Konuru
    Address : Atchampeta konuru
  • Guntur Kasthala
    Address : Atchampeta kasthala
  • GunturKasthala, sivalayam 0.5km and hanumam temple 0.5 km
    Address : Atchampeta kasthala
  • Guntur Dharanikota-A
    Address : Amaravathi _Dharanikota Guntur District
  • Guntur Dharanikota-B
    Address : Amaravathi Dharanikota Amaravathi Mandal Guntur District
  • Guntur Amaravathi-A
    Address : Amaravathi Near Sri Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple Guntur District
  • Guntur Amaravathi-B
    Address : Amaravathi Village &Mandal Guntur District
  • Guntur Vykuntapuram
    Address : Amaravathi, vykuntapuram.
  • Guntur Harichandrapuram-B, Alivelu mangamma temple in Harichandrapuram village is very near this Ghat
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Harichandrapuram-A, this ghat is beside the sivalayam temple in Harichandrapuram village.
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Borupalem, this ghat is near borupalem village.
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Rayapudi, this ghat is near Rayapudi village.
    Address : Thullur
  • Ferry ghat
    Address : Ibrahimpatnam
  • Krishna PavitraSangamam Ghat A(River Side)(21,A+)
    Address : Ibrahimpatnam
  • Guntur Tallayapalem-A Saivakshetram, this ghat is adjacent of Saiva kshetram at tallayapalem
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Tallayapalem-B Saivakshetram, the ghat is nearer Saiva kshetram of tallayapalem
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Tallayapalem-B Saivakshetram, This Ghat is near of saivakshetram
    Address : Thullur
  • Guntur Venkatapalem, This Ghat is Adjacent of Mantena Satyanarayanaraju arogyalayam.
    Address : Thullur. Venkatapalem
  • Guntur Sithanagaram-B
    Address : Tadepalli Mandal.
  • Guntur Sithanagaram-A
    Address : Tadepalli Mandal.
  • Guntur Prathuru
    Address : Prathuru of Tadepalli Mandal
  • Guntur Gundimenda
    Address : Gundimeda Ghat of Tadepalli Mandal.
  • Guntur Chirravuru
    Address : Chirravuru of Tadepalli Mandal.
  • Guntur Ramachandrapuram
    Address : Mangalagiri
  • Guntur Veerlapalem
    Address : Duggirala
  • Guntur Pedakonduru
    Address : Duggirala
  • Guntur Godavarru
    Address : Duggirala
  • Guntur Athalurivaripalem, near athalurivaripalem. vallabhapuram
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Vallabhapuram near tirupathamma gudi. vallabhapuram
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Munnangi ghat no 137, kollipara mandal
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Pidaparthipalem ghat no138, kollipara mandal
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Kollipara ghat no 139
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Kotha Bommuvanipalem
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Kotha Bommuvanipalem near kotha bommuvanipalem village
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Bommuvanipalem (old)
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Annavarapu Lanka
    Address : Kollipara
  • Guntur Chilumuru B category ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Suggunalanka C category ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Epuru C category ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Pedalanka C-category
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Aravinda Varadhi c category
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Gajulalanka B category ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Potharlanka C category ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Thippala Katta C category Ghat . it was closed due to dangerous position of depth in water
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Juvvalapalem C category Ghat
    Address : Kolluru
  • Guntur Pedalanka (Kakula Donka) C Category ghat
    Address : Bhattiprolu Mandal, Pedalanka Village
  • Guntur Oleru C_Category
    Address : Bhattiprolu Mandal, Oleru Village
  • Guntur Ravi Ananthavaram
    Address : penumudi village, Repalle mandal
  • Guntur Penumudi-B, A grade ghat boasts with a length of 500 mts, offering picturesque view, situated abreast to the Puligadda-Penumudi vaaradhi that connects Guntur-Krishna districts.
    Address : Repalle penumudi village
  • Guntur Mynenivaripalem ghat is a C grade ghat having 8 mts ghat length, surrounded by lush green cover of trees, Sivalayam & Shiridi Sai temples are in the nearest vicinity of the ghat.
    Address : Repalle mandal, Mynenivaripalem village
  • Guntur Morthota ghat is famous for its Sri Mukteswara swamy temple beautifully perched on the banks of the holy Krishna river.
    Address : Repalle mandal, Morthota village
  • Guntur Chennupallivaripalem
    Address : chennupallivaripalem village, Repalle Mandal
  • Guntur Gangadipalem
    Address : Gangadipalem village, Repalle Mandal
  • Guntur Rajukalava
    Address : Rajukalava village, Repalle mandal

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