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Lord Shiva And His 1001 Mantras

Lord ShivaOM Sri Guruve namah
OM Sri Ganapataye namah
OM Shivaya namah

OM Sthiraya namah
OM Sthanave namah
OM Prabhave namah
OM Bhimaya namah
OM Pravaraya namah
OM Varadaya namah
OM Varaya namah
OM Sarvatmane namah
OM Sarva vikhyataya namah
OM Sarvasmai namah 10

OM Sarvakaraya namah
OM Bhavaya namah
OM jatine namah
OM charmine namah
OM sikhandine namah
OM sarvangaya namah
OM sarva bhavanaya namah
OM haraya namah
OM harinakshaya namah
OM sarva bhuta haraya namah 20

OM prabhave namah
OM pravritaye namah
OM nivrittaye namah
OM niyataya namah
OM sasvataya namah
OM dhruvaya namah
OM smasana vasine namah
OM bhagavate namah
OM khacaraya namah
OM gocharaya namah 30

OM ardanaya namah
OM abhivadyaya namah
OM mahakarmane namah
OM tapasvine namah
OM bhuta bhavanaya namah
OM unmattavesha prachannaya namah
OM sarva loka praja pataye namah
OM maharupaya namah
OM mahakayaya namah
OM vrisharupaya namah 40

OM mahayasase namah
OM mahatmane namah
OM sarvabhutatmane namah
OM visvarupaya namah
OM mahahanave namah
OM loka palaya namah
OM antarhitatmane namah
OM prasadaya namah
OM haya gardabhaye namah
OM pavitraya namah 50

OM mahate namah
OM niyamaya namah
OM niyamasritaya namah
OM sarvakarmane namah
OM svayambhutaya namah
OM adaye namah
OM adikaraya namah
OM nidhaye namah
OM sahasrakshaya namah
OM visalakshaya namah 60

OM somaya namah
OM nakshatra sadhakaya namah
OM chandraya namah
OM suryaya namah
OM sanaye namah
OM katave namah
OM grahaya namah
OM graha pataye namah
OM varaya namah
OM atraye namah 70

OM atrya namaskartre namah
OM mriga banarpanaya namah
OM anaghaya namah
OM mahatapase namah
OM ghoratapase namah
OM adinaya namah
OM dinasadhakaaa namah
OM samvatsarakaraya namah
OM mantraya namah
OM pramanaya namah 80

OM paramaya tapase namah
OM yogine namah
OM yojyaya namah
OM mahabijaya namah
OM maharetase namah
OM mahabalaya namah
OM suvarnaretase namah
OM sarvajnaya namah
Of great fame
The Great-minded
The Soul of all creatures
The universe is Thy form
The great jaws (can swallow the universe)
Protector of all the worlds
Soul residing in the inner heart
Gladness (established in blissful serenity)
Rides on a chariot drawn by mules
The Purifier

Ordinance (purity, self composure, sacred study)
Attained through all kinds of vows
All activities are His
The very First
Creator of all things
The Treasure
The Omni-eyed (sees through the eyes of all)
Universal seer (nothing escapes his ken)

Libations poured in sacrificial fire
Benefactor of the stars
The moon
The sun
Descending node of the moon
Rahu (ascending node)
Mars (most troublesome)
The Worshipful (Brihaspati & Sukra)

Who paid homage to Atri’s wife Anasuya
Who aimed an arrow at the mystically created stag
The Sinless
Possessor of penances with power to create
Possessor of penances with power to destroy
The High, while seemingly humble
Uplifter of the poor
Maker of time
The Mystic Sound
The Evidence (authority for all acts)

Highest penance
Devoted to yoga
Who merges himself in Brahman
Great Seed (being the cause of all causes)
Great Reflection (who reflects himself in nature)
Possessed of Infinite Might
Whose seed is gold
The Omniscient
OM subijaya namah
OM bijavahanaya namah 90

OM dasabahave namah
OM animishaya namah
OM neelakantaya namah
OM umapataye namah
OM visvarupaya namah
OM svayam sreshthaya namah
OM balaviraya namah
OM abaloganaya namah
OM ganakartre namah
OM ganapataye namah 100

OM digvasase namah
OM kamaya namah
OM mantravide namah
OM paramaya mantraya namah: Om namah Sivaya
OM sarva bhava karaya namah
OM haraya namah
OM kamandalu dharaya namah
OM dhanvine namah
OM bana hastaya namah
OM kapalavate namah 110

OM asanaye namah
OM sataghnine namah
OM khadgine namah
OM pattisine namah
OM ayudhine namah
OM mahate namah
OM sruvahastaya namah
OM surupaya namah
OM tejase namah
OM tejaskaraya nidhaye namah 120

OM ushnishine namah
OM suvaktraya namah
OM udagraya namah
OM vinataya namah
OM dirghaya namah
OM harikesaya namah
OM sutirthaya namah
OM krishnaya namah
OM srugalarupaya namah
OM siddarthaya namah 130

OM mundaya namah
OM sarva suban karaya namah
OM ajaya namah
OM bahurupaya namah
OM gandha dharine namah
The Seed of the Universe
The Seed Bearer

The Ten-armed
The Winkless (Siva is every wakeful)
The Blue-throated (who drank the poison)
Spouse of Uma
Cosmic Form
Innately Excellent
The Mighty
The inert group (Sankhya categories)
Creator of the categories
Lord of the categories

Clothed in space
The Lust
Knower of mantras
The Supreme Mantra: Om namah sivaya
Producer of existence
The Attractor (Siva is the magnet)
Holder of the gourd waterpot
The Bowman
The Archer
The Skull Bearer

The Thunderbolt
Armed with the Hundred-killer
The Sword
Wielder of Pattisi the battle axe
With the Trident
The Adorable
Holds the sacrificial ladle in one hand
Of beautiful form
The Energetic
The Source of Effulgence

Wearer of Turban
With handsome face
The Eminent
The Modest
Exceedingly tall
Cognizer of the world (perception through senses)
The holiest Preceptor
The Existence-Knowledge-Bliss
Took the form of a jackal
Achiever of Everything

The Shaven One (mark of a Sannyasin)
The Doer of Good to All
The Unborn
Of many forms
Fragrance Bearer
OM kapardine namah
OM urdhva retase namah
OM urdhva lingaya namah
OM urdhva sayine namah
OM nabhasthalaya namah 140

OM tri jatine namah
OM chiravasase namah
OM rudraya namah
OM senapataye namah
OM vibhave namah
OM ahas charaya namah
OM naktam charaya namah
OM tigmamanyave namah
OM suvarchasaya namah
OM gajaghne namah 150

OM daityaghne namah
OM kalaya namah
OM lokadhatre namah
OM guna karaya namah
OM simha sardoola rupaya namah
OM ardra charma ambaravrtaya namah
OM kala yogine namah
OM maha nadaya namah
OM sarva kamaya namah
OM chatush pathaya namah 160

OM nisa charaya namah
OM preta charine namah
OM bhuta charine namah
OM mahesvaraya namah
OM bahu bhutaya namah
OM bahu dharaya namah
OM svarbhanave namah
OM amitaya namah
OM gataye namah
OM nrtya priyaya namah 170

OM nitya nartaya namah
OM nartakaya namah
OM sarvalalasaya namah
OM ghoraya namah
OM maha tapase namah
OM pasaya namah
OM nityaya namah
OM giri ruhaya namah
OM nabhase namah
OM sahasra hastaya namah 180

OM vijayaya namah
OM vyavasayaya namah
Wearer of knotted hair
Through Brahmacharya makes semen go upward
Distinguished for sexual continence
That lies on His back only
Thy abode is the space

With three matted locks
Bark wearer
Fierce One (purifies through distress)
Celestial Generalissimo
All pervading
Moves in the daytime
Moves at night
Of fierce wrath
Possessed of dazzling effulgence
Slayer of demon in form of elephant

Slayer of oppressors of the universe
Time which is the universal destroyer
Supreme ordainer of the universe
Storehouse of all good qualities
In the form of lion and tiger
Clad in the skin of an elephant
Yogi that transcends time
The original great sound
Fruition of all desires
Who is adored in four ways

Night wanderer
Companion of the dead
Companion of ghostly beings
Supreme Lord of all celestials
Who has become many
Upholder of the many
Primeval ignorance known by the name of Rahu
The Immeasurable
The Goal
Fond of dancing

Eternal Dancer
Causes others to dance
Friend of the universe
The Terrible
Great Ascetic
Binds all creatures with the bond of illusion
Resident of mountain
Vast and taintless as the sky
Possessed of thousand arms

Perseverance which is the cause of success
OM atandritaya namah
OM adharshanaya namah
OM darshanatmane namah
OM yajnaghne namah
OM kamanasakaya namah
OM dakshayagapaharaye namah
OM susahaya namah
OM madhyamaya namah 190

OM tejopaharine namah
OM balaghne namah
OM muditaya namah
OM arthaya namah
OM ajitaya namah
OM avaraya namah
OM gambhira ghoshaya namah
OM gambhiraya namah
OM gambhira bala vahanaya namah
OM nyagrodha rupaya namah 200

OM nyagrodhaya namah
OM vrksha karna sthitaya namah
OM vibhave namah
OM sutikshna dasanaya namah
OM mahakayaya namah
OM mahananaya namah
OM vishvak senaya namah
OM haraye namah
OM yajnaya namah
OM samyuga pida vahanaya namah 210

OM tikshna tapaya namah
OM haryasvaya namah
OM sahayaya namah
OM karma kalavide namah
OM vishnu prasaditaya namah
OM yajnaya namah
OM samudraya namah
OM badavamukhaya namah
OM hutasana sahayaya namah
OM prasantatmane namah 220

OM hutasanaya namah
OM ugra tejase namah
OM mahatejase namah
OM janyaya namah
OM vijaya kala vide namah
OM jyotishamayanaya namah
OM siddhaye namah
OM sarva vigrahaya namah
OM sikhine namah
OM mundine namah 230
Ever active
Terror (to the wrong doer)
Destroyer of sacrifice
Destroyer of Kama, the god of lust
Destroyer of Daksha’s sacrifice
Pleasant endurance

Withholder of splendor
Slayer of vainglorious strength
Unsurpassed in adoration
Who utters deep roars
Excellent companions and vehicle
Form of the World Tree:roots up, branches down

The Banyan Tree
Sleeps on a banyan leaf
With sharp teeth
With form of vast dimensions
Of huge face
Whose approach scattered the enemy forces
Remover of evil
Whose vehicle, the Bull is ensigned on his banner

Fire of intense heat
Possessor of Surya’s green horses
Knower of right time
Propitiated by Vishnu
Heat in the ocean
Wind, the friend of fire

Fierce Splendor
Effulgence spreading over the infinite universe
Skillful in battle
Conversant with the time of victory
Whose body is time, never subject to destruction
Householder, wearing a tuft of hair
Sannyasin with bald head
OM jatine namah
OM jvaline namah
OM murtijaya namah
OM murdhagaya namah
OM baline namah
OM vainavine namah
OM panavine namah
OM taline namah
OM khaline namah
OM kalakatamkataya namah 240

OM nakshatra vigrahamataye namah
OM guna buddhaye namah
OM layaya namah
OM agamaya namah
OM prajapataye namah
OM visvabahave namah
OM vibhagaya namah
OM sarvagayaya namah
OM amukhaya namah
OM vimochanaya namah 250

OM susaranaya namah
OM hiranya kavachodbhavaya namah
OM medhrajaya namah
OM balacharine namah
OM mahi charine namah
OM srutaya namah
OM sarva turya vinodine namah
OM sarva todya parigrahaya namah
OM vyala rupaya namah
OM guha vasine namah 260

OM guhaya namah
OM maline namah
OM tarangavide namah
OM tridasaya namah
OM trikala dhruke namah
OM karma sarva bandha vimochanaya namah
OM asurendranam bandhanaya namah
OM yudhi satru vinasanaya namah
OM sankhya prasadaya namah
OM durvasase namah 270

OM sarva sadhu nishevitaya namah
OM praskandanaya namah
OM vibhagajnaya namah
OM atulyaya namah
OM yajna bhaga vide namah
OM sarva vasaya namah
OM sarvacharine namah
OM durvasase namah
With matted locks
Of fiery rays
Embodied in the heart of every creature
Resident in the head
Holder of the flute
Possessing a drum
Owner of cymbals
Holder of wooden vessel used for husking grains
Who conceals the concealed Yama, Death

Knower of the wheel of time
Embodied soul bound by the modes of nature
Abode of dissolution
Lord of all creatures
With arms extending over the vast universe
Of innumerable forms, all fractions of Thyself
Pervading all things
Deliverer from the bondage of delusion

Easily attainable
Manifested through golden armor
Manifests from the Linga emblem
Wood dweller
Globe trotter
Delights in orchestra
Relative of all creatures
Of the form of the snake
Cave dweller

Adorned with garland of flowers
Knower of waves of sense enjoyment
3 states of birth, sustenance and death
Sustainer of time in its three phases
Frees creatures from the bondage of karma
Shackle of demon kings
Slayer of foes in battle
Attainable by illumination
Reveals Himself as the angry element in nature

Sought by all good men
Distributor of the fruits of karma
Distributor of sacrificial dues to the gods
Resides everywhere
Wanders everywhere
OM vasavaya namah
OM amaraya namah 280

OM haimaya namah
OM hemakaraya namah
OM nishkarmaya namah
OM sarva dharine namah
OM dharottamaya namah
OM lohitakshaya namah
OM mahakshaya namah
OM vijayakshaya namah
OM visaradaya namah
OM sangrahaya namah 290

OM nigrahaya namah
OM kartre namah
OM sarpa chiranivasanaya namah
OM mukhyaya namah
OM amukhyaya namah
OM dehaya namah
OM kahalaye namah
OM sarva kamadaya namah
OM sarva kala prasadaye namah
OM subalaya namah 300

OM bala rupa dhrite namah
OM sarva kama varaya namah
OM sarvadaya namah
OM sarvato mukhaya namah
OM akasa nivirupaya namah
OM nipatine namah
OM avasaya namah
OM khagaya namah
OM raudra rupaya namah
OM amsave namah 310

OM adityaya namah
OM bahurasmaye namah
OM suvarchasine namah
OM vasuvegaya namah
OM mahavegaya namah
OM manovegaya namah
OM nisacharaya namah
OM sarva vasine namah
OM sriyavasine namah
OM upadesakaraya namah 320

OM akaraya namah
OM munaye namah
OM atmaniralokaya namah
OM sambhagnaya namah
OM sahasradaya namah

Maker of gold
Upholder of all
Best of Bearers (bearing the cosmos w/o support)
Whose vision extends over the infinite universe
Owns a victorious chariot
Possessed of vast learning
Guardian of the devotees

Restrainer of the senses
Wears snakes for belt
The lowest of the celestials
Well-proportioned body
Owner of a large drum
Granter of all desires
Kindly at all times
Beneficially almighty

Bearer of great prowess and beauty
Foremost of all coveted things
Giver of all things
Having faces everywhere
Just as space creates all creatures our of himself
Seemingly fallen (into the pit called body)
Resides in the heart, like a bird in the sky
Of terrible form

The Sun
Possessed of innumerable rays
Of dazzling effulgence
Speed of the wind
Possessed of great speed
Possessed of the speed of the mind
Night wanderer
Dweller in all bodies
Dweller in prosperity
Bestower of knowledge

Imparts instruction in utter silence
Observer of silence
Who passes out of the body looking at the soul
Bestower of plenty
OM pakshine namah
OM paksharupaya namah
OM atideeptaya namah
OM visampataye namah
OM unmadaya namah 330

OM madanaya namah
OM kamaya namah
OM asvatthaya namah
OM arthakaraya namah
OM yasase namah
OM vamadevaya namah
OM vamaya namah
OM prache namah
OM dakshinaya namah
OM vamanaya namah 340

OM siddhayogine namah
OM maharshaye namah
OM siddharthaya namah
OM siddha sadhakaya namah
OM bhikshave namah
OM bhikshu rupaya namah
OM vipanaya namah
OM mrdave namah
OM avyayaya namah
OM mahasenaya namah 350

OM visakhaya namah
OM shashtibhagaya namah
OM gavam pataye namah
OM vajrahastaya namah
OM vishkambhine namah
OM chamustambhanaya namah
OM vritta avritta karaya namah
OM talaya namah
OM madhave namah
OM madhuka lochanaya namah 360

OM vachaspataye namah
OM vajasanaya namah
OM nityamasrita pujitaya namah
OM brahmacharine namah
OM lokacharie namah
OM sarvacharine namah
OM vicharavide namah
OM isanaya namah
OM iswaraya namah
OM kalaya namah 370

OM nisacharine namah
OM pinakabhrte namah
Prince of birds, Garuda
Benevolent friend
Extremely brilliant
Lord of all beings
Provokes the appetites

God of love
Loved by all
Pipal Tree (tree of the world)
Lord of treasures
Giver of fame
Distributes to all creatures the fruits of their acts
Most ancient
Vamana, who deceived the asura chief Bali

Yogi, crowned with success
Highly enlightened One
Accomplisher of everything
Bestower of requirements to the siddhas
With the marks of the holy mendicant
Who transcends the usages of the mendicant order
Soft hearted
Without any passions
Celestial generalissimo

Conversant with the 60 heads of inquiry
Propeller of the senses
Armed with the thunderbolt
Infinite support
Stupefier of the enemy force in the field of battle
Chariot warfare specialist
Knows the lowest depth of the world’s ocean
Spring season
Eyes whose color represents that of honey

Family priest
Propagator of a vedic branch known as Vajaseniya
Every worshipped by the constant devotees
Devoted to Brahman
Itinerant mendicant
All-pervading reality
Introvert, conversant with truth
Who knows and guides every heart
Who overspreads the whole universe
Records the acts of people and awards their fruits

Ever awake
Wielding the bow called Pinaka
OM nimittasthaya namah
OM nimittaya namah
OM nandaye namah
OM nandikaraya namah
OM haraye namah
OM nandisvaraya namah
OM nandine namah
OM nandanaya namah 380

OM nandivardhanaya namah
OM bhagaharine namah
OM nihantre namah
OM kalaya namah
OM brahmane namah
OM pitamahaya namah
OM chaturmukhaya namah
OM mahalingaya namah
OM charulingaya namah
OM lingadhyakshaya namah 390

OM suradhyakshaya namah
OM yogadhyakshaya namah
OM yugavahaya namah
OM bijadhyakshaya namah
OM bijakartre namah
OM adhyatmanugataya namah
OM balaya namah
OM itihasaya namah
OM sakalpaya namah
OM gautamaya namah 400

OM nisakaraya namah
OM dambhaya namah
OM adambhaya namah
OM vaidambhaya namah
OM vasyaya namah
OM vasakaraya namah
OM kalaye namah
OM lokakartre namah
OM pasupataye namah
OM mahakartre namah 410

OM anaushadhaya namah
OM aksharaya namah
OM paramaya brahmane namah
OM balavate namah
OM sakraya namah
OM nityai namah
OM anityai namah
OM suddhatmane namah
OM suddhaya namah
OM manyaya namah 420

Resider in the target
Author of prosperity
The happy One
Creator of happiness
Monkey god Hanuman
Lord of Nandi
Thou art Nandi thyself
Promoter of happiness

Who increases the bliss of all
Destroyer of wealth and status
Universal slayer in the form of death
Storehouse of arts
Very great
Grand Sire
Four-faced Brahma
Great symbol adored by deities and demons
Symbol of beautiful features
Symbol that exercises supervision

Presiding over the gods
Lord of yoga
Creator of yugas, cycles of time
Lord of seeds, like nature
Causes nature to manifest itself
Follower of Self-knowledge
Abode of might
In the form of the epics
Rituals prescribed in Mimamsa
Founder of logic, Gautama

In the form of Rishi Chandra Vyakarana
Chastiser of his foes
Whom none can chastise
Self of the humble
Docile to his devotees
Fomenter of strife between good and evil
Creator of the worlds
Protector and Cherisher of all beings
Creator of the five elements

One that eats not
Supreme Brahman, highest form of felicity
Indra, Lord of devas
Chastisement inflicted on offenders
Tyranny in society is His mishandled power
OM gatagataya namah
OM bahu prasadaya namah
OM susvapanaya namah
OM darpanaya namah
OM amitrajite namah
OM vedakaraya namah
OM mantrakaraya namah
OM vidushe namah
OM samara mardanaya namah
OM maha mega nivasine namah 430

OM maha ghoraya namah
OM vasine namah
OM karaya namah
OM agnijvalaya namah
OM maha jvalaya namah
OM atidhumraya namah
OM hutaya namah
OM havishe namah
OM vrushanaya namah
OM sankaraya namah 440

OM nityam varchasvine namah
OM dhumaketanaya namah
OM neelaya namah
OM angalubdhaya namah
OM sobhanaya namah
OM niravagrahaya namah
OM svastidaya namah
OM svastibhavaya namah
OM bhagine namah
OM bhagakaraya namah 450

OM laghave namah
OM utsangaya namah
OM mahangaya namah
OM mahagarbha parayanaya namah
OM krishna varnaya namah
OM suvarnaya namah
OM sarvadehinam indriyaya namah
OM maha padaya namah
OM maha hastaya namah
OM mahakayaya namah 460

OM maha yasase namah
OM maha murdhne namah
OM mahamatraya namah
OM mahanetraya namah
OM nisalayaya namah
OM mahantakaya namah
OM mahakarnaya namah
OM mahoshtaya namah
World that appears and disappears ceaselessly
Immensely auspicious
Good dream
Mirror in which the universer is reflected
Subjugator of all internal and external foes
Maker of the Vedas
Maker of the mantras
Possessed of great learning
Vanquisher of foes in war
Dweller in great clouds

Most terrible
Subjugator of all
Flaming as fire
Whose energy is mightier than fire
All smoke
Gratified by means of sacrificial libations
Objects being offered into sacrifice
Fertilizer (deity distributing fruits of actions)
Doer of good

Always endued with effulgence
Of the form of fire
Of complexion of the emerald
Spontaneous giver of desired objects
Giver of blessings
Form of blessedness
Sharer in sacrifices
Distributor of the shares of the deities

Quick in extending grace
Possessed of mighty limbs
Mighty womb of universe during deluge
Of dark complexion
Of white complexion
Senses of all embodied beings
Possessed of vast feet
Endowed with vast hands
Of vast body

Of universal fame
With a vast head
Of vast measurements
Of penetrating vision
Home of the darkness of ignorance
Dealer of death to Death himself
Whose ears hear everything
All lips are His
OM mahahanave namah
OM maha nasaya namah 470

OM mahakambave namah
OM mahagrivaya namah
OM smasana bhaje namah
OM mahavakshase namah
OM mahoraskaya namah
OM antaratmane namah
OM mrigalayaya namah
OM lambanaya namah
OM lambitoshtaya namah
OM mahamayaya namah 480

OM payonidhaye namah
OM maha dantaya namah
OM maha damshtraya namah
OM maha jihvaya namah
OM maha mukhaya namah
OM maha nakhaya namah
OM maha romaya namah
OM mahakosaya namah
OM maha jataya namah
OM prasannaya namah 490

OM prasadaya namah
OM pratyayaya namah
OM giri sadhanaya namah
OM snehanaya namah
OM asnehanaya namah
OM ajitaya namah
OM mahamunaye namah
OM vrkshakaraya namah
OM vrikshaketave namah
OM analaya namah 500

OM vayu vahanaya namah
OM gandaline namah
OM merudhamne namah
OM devadadhi pataye namah
OM atharvasirshaya namah
OM samasyaya namah
OM Rk. sahasramitekshanaya namah
OM yaju pada bhujaya namah
OM guhyaya namah 510

OM prakasaya namah
OM jangamaya namah
OM amogharthaya namah
OM prasadaya namah
OM abhigamyaya namah
OM sudarsanaya namah
Of mighty cheeks
All noses are His

All consuming throat
Of stalwart neck
Presider over crematories
Of great chest
Of vast bosom
Inner soul which resides in all creatures
Who owns a deer
The tree from whom the universes hang
At dissolution He protrudes his lips to swallow all
Mighty maya

Ocean of milk
With strong teeth
With great jaws
With greedy tongue
Of significant face
Of highly powerful nails
Hair of infinite length
Of vast stomach
With mound-high matted locks
Ever cheerful

Of the form of grace
Of the form of firm conviction
With mountains for his bow
Full of affection
Devoid of affection
Exceedingly devoted to Yoga contemplation
Embodiment of the tree of samsara
Indicated by the tree of the world

Who makes the wind blow
Resider on elevated places
Resident of the mountain Meru
Chief of the celestials
Siva’s head is the Atharvans
Samaveda is his face
Countless Rk mantras for His boundless eyes
Yajus are his feet and arms
Subtle truths are the Upanishads

Rituals are the common parts
Mobile creatures are Siva
Prayer to Siva is ever fruitful
Easily attained
Beautiful to look at
OM upakaraya namah
OM priyaya namah
OM sarvaya namah
OM kanakaya namah
OM kanchanacchavaye namah 520

OM nabhaye namah
OM nandikaraya namah
OM bhavaya namah
OM pushkaraya sthapataye namah
OM sthiraya namah
OM dvadasaya namah
OM trasanaya namah
OM adyaya namah
OM yajnaya namah
OM yajnasmahitaya namah 530

OM naktaya namah
OM kalaye namah
OM kalaya namah
OM makaraya namah
OM kala pujitaya namah
OM saganaya namah
OM ganakaraya namah
OM bhutavahana sarathaye namah
OM bhasma sayaya namah
OM bhasmagoptre namah 540

OM bhasmabhutaya namah
OM tarave namah
OM ganaya namah
OM lokapalaya namah
OM alokaya namah
OM mahatmane namah
OM sarva pujitaya namah
OM suklaya namah
OM trisuklaya namah
OM sampanaya namah 550

OM suchaye namah
OM bhuta nishevitaya namah
OM asramasthaya namah
OM kriyavasthaya namah
OM vishvakarma mataye namah
OM varaya namah
OM visala sakhaya namah
OM tamorshtaya namah
OM ambujalaya namah
OM sunischalaya namah 560

OM kapilaya namah
OM kapisaya namah
The All
Golden hued

Navel of the universe
Augmentor of the fruits of sacrifice
Devotion to sacrifice
Artificer of the universe
Twelfth stage in human life – Moksha
Creator of fear
The First
Unites soul with the Supreme through yoga
Attainable through yoga

Who is unmanifest
Presiding deity of the fourth age, kali yuga
Eternal time
Of the form of the turtoise
Adored by death
Who lives with his devotees
Who adds to the number of of his devotees
Hast Brahma, the creator as charioteer
Who reclines on holy ash
Protector through the holy ash

Formed of ash indicating indestructibility
The tree that grants fruition of all wishes
Of the form of the attendents that are your ganas
Guardian of the worlds
Who transcends the worlds
Great Souled One
Worshipped by all
The Pure
Whose body, speech & mind are perfectly stainless
Complete emancipation

Shining with purity
Worshipped by the ancient preceptors
Resider in the four stages of life
Resider in rituals
Skill of the architect of the universe
In the form of a boon
Of vast arms
Red lipped
Of the form of vast waters contained in oceans
Exceedingly stable and fixed like a mountain

Thou art Kapila
Of brown color
OM suklaya namah
OM ayushe namah
OM paraya namah
OM aparaya namah
OM gandharvaya namah
OM aditaye namah
OM tarkshyaya namah
OM suvijneyaya namah 570

OM susaradaya namah
OM para svadhayudhaya namah
OM devaya namah
OM anukarine namah
OM subandhavaya namah
OM tumba veenaya nama
OM mahakrodhaya namah
OM urdhvaretase namah
OM jalesayaya namah
OM ugraya namah 580

OM vamsakaraya namah
OM vamsaya namah
OM vamsanadaya namah
OM aninditaya namah
OM sarvanga rupaya namah
OM mayavine namah
OM suhrudaya namah
OM anilaya namah
OM analaya namah
OM bandhanaya namah 590

OM bandakartre namah
OM subandhana vimochanaya namah
OM sayajnaraye namah
OM sakamaraye namah
OM mahadamshtraya namah
OM mahayudhaya namah
OM bahudha ninditaya namah
OM sarvaya namah
OM samkaraya namah
OM shankaraya namah 600

OM adhanaya namah
OM amaresaya namah
OM mahadevaya namah
OM visvadevaya namah
OM surarighne namah
OM ahirbudhnyaya namah
OM anilabhaya namah
OM chekitanaya namah
OM havishe namah
OM ajaikapapadaya namah 610

Mixture of all colors producing white
The period of life
Mother of celestials in the form of the earth
Garuda, prince of birds
Known easily

Of excellent and agreeable speech
Armed with battle axe
Desirous of victory
Who helps others to accomplish their purpose
An excellent friend
Bears vina made of two hollow gourds
Of terrible wrath during great deluge
With offspring exceeding the devas
Reposed on water
Consumer of everything with great ferocity

Winner over all
Bearer of flute
Sweet sound of flute
Beautiful in all his limbs
Producer of illusion
Bond of the world that binds the soul

Creator of those bonds
Happy breaker of bondage that is very strong
Dweller with the despoilers of sacrifice
Dweller with yogis
Of large teeth
Of mighty weapons
Defamed in many ways
Stupified the rishis of Daruka forest
Doer of good
Dispelling all fears, giving emancipation

Without wealth
Lord of celestials
Greatest of gods
Adored by Vishnu
Slayer of the foes of the gods
Resides in the netherworld
Imperceptible like the wind
Gifted with sharp intellect
One of the eleven Rudras
OM kapaline namah
OM trishankave namah
OM ajitaya namah
OM Sivaya namah
OM dhanvantaraye namah
OM dhumaketave namah
OM skandaya namah
OM vaisravanaya namah
OM dhatre namah
OM sakraya namah 620

OM vishnave namah
OM mitraya namah
OM tvashtre namah
OM dhruvaya namah
OM dharaya nama
OM prabhavaya namah
OM sarvagaya vayave nama
OM aryamne namah
OM savitre namah
OM ravaye namah 630

OM ushangave namah
OM vidhatre namah
OM mandhatre namah
OM bhutabhavanaya namah
OM vibhave namah
OM varna vibhavine namah
OM sarva kama gunavahaya namah
OM padmanabhaya namah
OM mahagarbhaya namah
OM chandra vaktraya namah 640

OM anilaya namah
OM analaya namah
OM balavate namah
OM upasantaya namah
OM puranaya namah
OM punyachanchave namah
OM aiyay namah
OM kurukartre namah
OM kuru vasine namah
OM kuru bhutaya namah 650

OM gunaushadhaya namah
OM sarvasayaya namah
OM dharbacharine namah
OM sarvesham praninam pataye namah
OM deva devaya namah
OM sukhasaktaya namah
OM sate namah
OM asate namah
Sovereign of the entire universe
The three attributes of nature
State of pure existence
Great physician
Celestial generalissimo called also Subramanya
Lord of wealth, Kubera
Creator Brahma
Devendra, king of gods

Vishnu, all-pervading one
The sun
The celestial artificer, Tashtri
Pole star
All-permeating wind
Bosom frined, Sun god Aryaman
Creator of everything

One with scorching rays
Protector of jivas
He from whom all creatures start into life
Creator of color and castes
Who upholds all desires and attributes
Lotus navelled
Womb of the universe
With face as beautiful as the moon

Self-reliant, wind
Whose power is ever on the increase, fire
Possessed of exceeding might
Endued with tranquility of soul
Who is recognized through right conduct
Creator of the field of action
Dweller in the field of action
Soul of the field of action

Nurturer of virtues
Resting place of all beings
Accepts sacrificial offerings of dharba grass
Lord of all beings endued with life breaths
God of gods
Unattached to pleasures
Reality, the cause
Phenomenal reality, the effect
OM sarva ratna vide namah
OM kailasa giri vasine namah 660

OM himavat giri samsrayaya namah
OM koolaharine namah
OM koolakartre namah
OM bahuvidyaya namah
OM bahupradaya namah
OM vanijaya namah
OM vardhakine namahh
OM vrkshaya namah
OM vakulaya namah
OM chandanaya namah 670

OM chadaya namah
OM saragreevaya namah
OM maha jatrave namah
OM alolaya namah
OM maushadhaya namah
OM siddharthakarine namah
OM siddhartha chando vyakaranottaraya namah
OM simhanadaya namah
OM simhadamstraya namah
OM simhagaya namah 680

OM simhavahanaya namah
OM prabhavatmane namah
OM jagat kala sthalaya namah
OM lokahitaya namah
OM tarave namah
OM sarangaya namah
OM nava chakrangaya namah
OM ketumaline namah
OM sabhavanaya namah
OM bhutalaya namah 690

OM bhutapataye namah
OM ahoratraya namah
OM aninditaya namah
OM sarvabhutanam vahitre namah
OM nilayaya namah
OM vibhave namah
OM bhavaya namah
OM amoghaya namah
OM samyataya namah
OM asvaya namah 700

OM bhojanaya nama
OM prana dharanaya namah
OM dhritimate namah
OM matimate namah
OM dakshaya namah
Owner of all earthly wealth
Who resides on mount Kailasa

Native of the Himalayas
River banks breaker
Maker of lakes
Giver of infinite blessings
Tree called Vakula
Sandalwood tree

Seven leaves tree
Whose neck is very strong
Possessed of mighty collar bones
Imbued with steadiness
Manifests as food grains
Granter of success to devotees’ undertakings
Adept in scripture lore
Who utters leonine roars
Endued with leonine fangs
Who rides on a lion

Whose vehicle is a lion
Truth of truth
Consumer of death
Benefactor of the world
Who rescues all creatures from distress
Bird called Saranga
New swan
Beautified with a crest on Your head
Head of a council
Abode of all creatures

Cherisher of all creatures
Day and night
Without fault
Upholder of all creatures
Refuge of all creatures
Without birth
Coming into existence
Endowed with complete concentration

Giver of food
Protector of life breath
Imbued with fortitude
Highly intelligent
OM satkritaya namah
OM yugadhipaya namah
OM gopalaya namah
OM gopataye namah
OM gramaya namah 710

OM gocharma vasanaya namah
OM haraye namah
OM hiranya bahave namah
OM pravesinam guhapalaya namah
OM prakristharaye namah
OM mahaharshaya namah
OM jitakamaya namah
OM jitendriyaya namah
OM gandharaya namah
OM suvasaya namah 720

OM tapassaktaya namah
OM rataye namah
OM naraya namah
OM maha gitaya namah
OM maha nrtyaya namah
OM apsarogana sevitaya namah
OM maha ketave namah
OM mahadhatre namah
OM naikasanucharaya namah
OM chalaya namah 730

OM avedaneeyaya namah
OM aadesaya namah
OM sarva gandha sukha avahaya namah
OM toranaya namah
OM taranaya namah
OM vataya namah
OM paridhine namah
OM patikhecharaya namah
OM samyogaya vardhanaya namah
OM vrddhaya namah 740

OM ativrddhaya namah
OM gunadhikaya namah
OM nityamatma sahayaya namah
OM devasurapataye namah
OM patye namah
OM yuktaya namah
OM yuktabhahave namah
OM divi suparvano devaya namah
OM aashadhaya namah
OM sushadhaya namah 750

OM dhruvaya namah
OM harinaya namah
Honored by all
Dispenser of the fruitf of action
Protector of the senses
Lord of the luminaries
Group of people

Whose vestments are made of cowhides
Dispels the grief of his devotees
Owns beautiful arms
Protector of the body of the yogi in samadhi
Vanquisher of inner foes like lust and greed
One dwelling in ecstasy
Subduer of dhe irresistable deity of desire
Subjugator of the senses
Musical note
Who has an excellent and beautiful home

Immersed in penance
Of the form of cheerfulness and contentment
The Infinite
Ardent lover of music
Delighter in dance
Adored by bands of Apsaras, heavenly nymphs
Owns a distinguished banner
Mount Meru
Roves among the summits of many mountains
Too mobile to be caught

Cognizable with the aid of a cometent guru
Of the form of that instruction which guru imparts
Producer of the pleasure caused by fragrances
Decorated doorway
Help over any difficulty
Protecting enclosure
Prince of all winged creatures
Multiplies creation by union with opposite sexes

Very old
Who excels in character
Eternal help of the embodied souls
Lord of the divine and demonic
Ruler of all
United with all
With arms every ready for action
Lord of Indra in heaven
Provides devotees with power of endurance
Equipped with forbearance

Pure white
OM haraya namah
OM aavartamanebhyo vapushe namah
OM vasu sreshthaya namah
OM mahapathaya namah
OM shiroharine vimarshaya namah
OM sarva lakshana lakshitaya namah
OM akshaya rathayogine namah
OM sarva yogine namah 760

OM mahabalaya namah
OM samamnayaya namah
OM asamamnayaya namah
OM tirthadevaya namah
OM maharathaya namah
OM nirjivaya namah
OM jivanaya namah
OM mantraya namah
OM subhakshaya namah
OM bahukarkasaya namah 770

OM ratnaprabhutaya namah
OM raktangaya namah
OM mahanarva nipanavide namah
OM moolaya namah
OM visalaya namah
OM amrutaya namah
OM vyaktavyaktaya namah
OM taponidhaye namah
OM aarohanaya namah
OM adhirohaya namah 780

OM seeladharine namah
OM mahayasase namah
OM senakalpaya namah
OM mahakalpaya namah
OM yogaya namah
OM yugakaraya namah
OM haraye namah
OM yuga rupaya namah
OM maharupaya namah
OM mahanaga hanaya namah 790

OM vadaya namah
OM nyaya nirvapanaya namah
OM padaya namah
OM panditaya namah
OM achalopamaya namah
OM bahumalaya namah
OM mahamalaya namah
OM sasine hara sulocanaya namah
OM vistaraya lavanaya kupaya namah
OM triyugaya namah 800

Destroyer of misery
Provider of bodies to the birth ridden
More valuable than wealth
Great path
Clipped off Brahma’s head after due deliberation
Endowed with a classical body
Axle of the chariot
Linked with all
Endued with great might
Transcends the vedas
Illustrious deity of sacred places
The earth is Your car
Inert elements housing within each creature
Imparter of life into these inert elements
Pranava (Aum) and other sacred mantras
Of gracious glance
Stern disciplinarian

Of many gem-like qualities
Vast oceans are your drinking cups
Root cause of the tree of the world
Of the form of ambrosia
Cause and effect
Excellent treasure of austerity
Staircase to the highest state of existence
One seated in godhood

Possessor of virtue
Abode of fame
Animator of the army
Mightily competent
Seat of yoga
Embodiment of time measured by yugas
The time factor
Imperceptibly formless
Slayer of demon in elephant form

Distributor according to desert
Myriad manifestations
Profusely garlanded
Possessing eyes as beautiful as the moon
Vast oceans are His watertanks
First three yugas
OM saphalodayaya namah
OM trilochanaya namah
OM vishannangaya namah
OM manividdhaya namah
OM jatadharaya namah
OM bindave namah
OM visargaya namah
OM sumukhaya namah
OM saraya namah
OM sarvayudhaya namah 810

OM sahaya namah
OM nivedanaya namah
OM sukhajataya namah
OM sugandharaya namah
OM mahadhanushe namah
OM gandhapaline bhagavate namah
OM sarvakarmanam uttanaya namah
OM manthanaya bahula vayave namah
OM sakalaya namah
OM sarva lochanaya namah 820

OM talastalaya namah
OM karastaline namah
OM urdhvasamhananaya namah
OM mahate namah
OM chattraya namah
OM suchattraya namah
OM vikhyata lokaya namah
OM sarvasrayaya kramaya namah
OM mundaya namah
OM virupaya namah 830

OM vikrutaya namah
OM dandine namah
OM kundine namah
OM vikurvanaya namah
OM haryakshaya namah
OM kakubhaya namah
OM vajrine namah
OM satajihvaya namah
OM sahasrapade namah
OM sahasra murdhne namah 840

OM devendraya sarva deva mayaya namah
OM gurave namah
OM sahasrabahahe namah
OM sarvangaya namah
OM saranyaya namah
OM sarva lokakrte namah
OM pavitraya namah
OM trikakude mantraya namah
Whose appearance is fraught with advantage
Three eyed
Whose forms are exceedingly subtle
Whose ears are bored for wearing kundala earrings
Bearer of matted locks
The dot representing the nasal sound
2 dots, indicating sound of aspirated H in Sanskrit
Pleasant faced
Armed with all weapons

Of calm endurance
The bliss following the cessation of the mind
Fine music
Armed with the mighty bow called Pinaka
Preserver of perfumes
From whom all acts flow
Wind arising at universal dissolution churning all
He that is full
He that sees all things

Sound of clapping one palm against the other
Whose palm serves as his eating plate
Of robust body
Exceedingly great personality
With a good umbrella
Well known to be identical with all creatures
With shaven head

Bearing a stick (symbol of Sannyas)
With a pot
Unattainable through acts
Identical with the green eyed king of beasts, lion
Of the form of points of the compass
Wielder of the thunderbolt
Who has a hundred tongues
Thousand feet
Thousand heads

He that is made up of all the gods
The teacher
Of a thousand arms
Who attains the fruition of every wish
Giver of shelter
Creator of all the worlds
Mantra with three components
OM kanishthaya namah
OM krishna pingalaya namah 850

OM brahmadanda vinirmatre namah
OM sataghni pasa saktimate namah
OM padmagarbhaya namah
OM mahagarbhaya namah
OM brahmagarbhaya namah
OM jalotbhavaya namah
OM gabhastaye namah
OM brahmakrte namah
OM brahmine namah
OM brahmavide namah 860

OM brahmanaya namah
OM gataye namah
OM ananta rupaya namah
OM naikatmane namah
OM svayambhuva tigmatejase namah
OM urdhvagatmane namah
OM pasupataye namah
OM vataramhaya namah
OM manojavaya namah
OM chandanine namah 870

OM padmamalagraya namah
OM surabhyuttaranaya namah
OM naraya namah
OM karnikara mahasrgvine namah
OM nilamaulaye namah
OM pinakadhrte namah
OM umapataye namah
OM umakantaya namah
OM jahnaveedhrite namah
OM umadhavaya namah 880

OM varaya varahaya namah
OM varadaya namah
OM varenyaya namah
OM sumahasvanaya namah
OM mahaprasadaya namah
OM damanaya namah
OM satrughne namah
OM svedapingalaya namah
OM preetatmane namah
OM paramatmane namah 890

OM prayatatmane namah
OM pradhanadhrute namah
OM sarvaparsva mukhaya namah
OM tryakshaya namah
OM dharmasadharana varaya namah
Youngest son (of Aditi and Kasyapa)
Black and red (Ardhanarishwara)

Maker of the rod of Brahma
Armed with the hundred-killer
Took birth within the primeval lotus
Endued with a vast womb that contains all
Who has the Vedas in His womb
Origin of life from water after universal dissolution
Endowed with rays of effulgent light
Creator of Vedas
Reciter of Vedas
Knower of Vedas

Devoted to Brahman
The goal
Of infinite forms
Bearer of innumerable bodies
Brahma was overwhelmed by Siva
Transcendent reality
Lord of jivas
Swift as the wind
Possessed of the fleetness of mind
Besmeared with sandal paste

The end of the stalk of the primeval lotus
Degrader of the celestial cow Surabhi
Desireless One
Adorned with a garland of karnikara flowers
Adorned with a diadem of blue gems
Wielder of the Pinaka bow
Lord of Uma (the knowledge treating of Brahman)
Sought after by Uma
Who bearest the Ganga on Thy head
Husband of Uma

Mighty boar
Bestower of boon
Compentent to offer boons
Of melodiuos voice
Of incomparable grace
Subjugator of the wicked
Destroyer of desire and other internal foes
White and red colored (half male, half female)
Gold colored
Supreme Atman

Pure minded
Foundation of the phenomenal world
Whose faces are turned in every direction
Who has three eyes
Whose righteousness is superior to all creatures
OM characharatmane namah
OM sukshmatmane namah
OM amrtaya govrushesvaraya namah
OM sadhyarshaye namah
OM vasuradityaya namah 900

OM vivasvate savitamritaya namah
OM vyasaya namah
OM sargaya susamkshepaya vistaraya namah
OM paryayo naraya namah
OM ritave namah
OM samvatsaraya namah
OM masaya namah
OM pakshaya namah
OM samkhya samapanaya namah
OM kalabhyo namah 910

OM kashtabhyo namah
OM lavebhyo namah
OM matrabhyo namah
OM muhoortahah kshapabhyo namah
OM kshanebhyo namah
OM visvakshetraaya namah
OM prajabeejaya namah
OM lingaya namah
OM adyaya nirgamaya namah
OM sate namah 920

OM asate namah
OM vyaktaya namah
OM avyaktaya namah
OM pitre namah
OM matre namah
OM pitamahaya namah
OM svargadvaraya namah
OM prajadvaraya namah
OM mokshadvaraya namah
OM trivishtapaya namah 930

OM nirvanaya namah
OM hladanaya namah
OM brahmalokaya namah
OM parayai gatyai namah
OM devasura vinirmatre namah
OM devasura parayanaya namah
OM devasura gurave namah
OM devaya namah
OM devasura namaskrtaya namah
OM devasura mahamatraya namah 940

OM devasura ganasrayaya namah
OM devasura ganadhyakshaya namah
Soul of the moving and non-moving
The subtle Self
Giver of liberation to the desireless doer of good
Preceptor of the sadhyas, the god of gods
Vasu, the son of Aditi

Rays of the sun that brings immortality
Vyasa, Author of Mahabharata & Puranas
Maker of brief and lengthy literature
Sum total of jivas
New moon and full moon
Division of time

Minute part of time
Indictaion of small time
Further small division of time
Manifestation of Muhurta, day & night
Soil upon which the tree of the universe grows
Seed of all creatures
The Mahat tattwa
First sprout of the universe

Relative reality
Manifest (being seizable by the senses)
Unmanifest to the senses
Door to heaven
Door to the wheel of birth
Doorway to liberation
Dharma leading to heaven

Annihilation of separate existence
Promoter of delight
Region of Truth
Transcendent goal
Creator of gods and demons
Refuge of gods and demons
Preceptor of gods and demons
Sport, delight
Adored by gods and demons
Superior to gods and demons

Attained by gods and demons
Chief of gods and demons
OM devasura ganagrnyai namah
OM devadi devaya namah
OM devarshaye namah
OM devasura varapradaya namah
OM devasuresvaraya namah
OM visvaya namah
OM devasuramahesvaraya namah
OM sarvadevamayaya namah 950

OM achintyaya namah
OM devatatmane namah
OM aatmasambavaya namah
OM udbhide namah
OM trivikramaya namah
OM vaidyaya namah
OM virajaya namah
OM neerajaya namah
OM amaraya namah
OM eedyaya namah 960

OM hasteesvaraya namah
OM vyaghraya namah
OM devasimhaya namah
OM nararishabhaya namah
OM vibhudhaya namah
OM agravaraya namah
OM sookshmaya namah
OM sarvadevaya namah
OM tapomayaya namah
OM suyuktaya namah 970

OM sobhanaya namah
OM vajrine namah
OM prasanam prabhavaya namah
OM avyayaya namah
OM guhaya namah
OM kantaya namah
OM nijaya sargaya namah
OM pavitraya namah
OM sarvapavanaya namah
OM srngine namah 980

OM srngapriyaya namah
OM babhruve namah
OM rajarajaya namah
OM niramayaya namah
OM abhiramaya namah
OM suraganaya namah
OM viramaya namah
OM sarvasadhanaya namah
OM lalatakshaya namah
OM visvadevaya namah 990

Leader in battle of both gods and demons
Transcends the senses
Of the form of celestial rishis like Narada
Granter of boons to gods and demons
Rules the heart of gods and demons
Into whom the universe enters when dissolved
Supreme lord over gods and demons
Whose body is made up of all the deities

Transcends thought
Inner soul of the gods
Self existent
Sprout breaking open ignorance
Covers 3 worlds with 3 steps, Vamana
Possessed of great learning
Devoid of passion

Master of irresistable elephant represented by time
Lord of tiger
Lion among gods
Foremost of men
Sharp intellect
First to be honored in sacrifice
Not easily cognizable
Sum total of all deities
In whom austerities predominate
Always in excellent yoga

Armed with the thunderbolt
Origin of weapons
Attainable through one pointed devotion
Hidden One
Bliss unbounded
Identical with thy creation
Protector from death
Purifier of all
Of the form of bulls & other horned animals

Fond of mountain summits
Planet Saturn
Kubera, chief of yakshas
Free from blemish
Inspirer of gladness
All celestials united together
Extreme quiescence
Consumation of all rituals
With an eye on the forehead
Sports with the universe
OM harinaya namah
OM brahmavarchasaya namah
OM sthavaranam pataye namah
OM niyamendriya vardhanaya namah
OM siddharthaya namah
OM siddhabhutarthaya namah
OM achintyaya namah
OM satya vrataya namah
OM suchaye namah
OM vratadhipaya namah 1000

OM parasmai namah
OM brahmane namah
OM bhaktanam paramayai gataye namah
OM vimuktaya namah
OM mukthatejase namah
OM srimate namah
OM srivardhanaya namah
OM jagate namah 1008

OM Sarvaya Devaya namah
OM Bhavaya Devaya namah
OM Rudraya Devaya namah
OM Ugraya Devaya namah
OM Bheemaya Devaya namah
OM Pasupataye Devaya namah
OM Isanaya Devaya namah
OM Mahate Devaya namah

Form of the deer
Spiritual brilliance
Lord of all immobile things
Conqueror of the senses
Whose objects have all been fulfilled
Identical with emancipation
Truth is His penance
Of pure heart
Presides over all vows and fasts

Highest Being
Brahman who transcends time & space
Highest refuge of your devotees
Transcends all bonds
Freed from the subtle body
Endowed with every king of prosperity
Bestower of spiritual wealth on your devotees
Entire cosmos

God in form of earth
God in form of water
God in form of fire
God in form of wind
God in form of ether
God in form of soul
God in form of sun
God in form of moon

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