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Home / Hindu Mantras / Ashtaka / Lord Shiva Ashtakam 6 Lyrics in English and Meaning | Sri Shiva Stotra

Lord Shiva Ashtakam 6 Lyrics in English and Meaning | Sri Shiva Stotra


Shivashtakam 6 Lyrics in English :

namo namas te tridasesvaraya
bhutadi nathaya mrdaya nityam
ganga tarangotthita bala candra
cudaya gauri nayanotsavaya || 1 ||

sutapta camikara candra nila
padma pravalambuda kanti vastraih
sunrtya rangesṭa vara pradaya
kaivalya nathaya vrsa dhvajaya || 2 ||

sudhamsu suryagni vilocanena
tamo bhide te jagatah sivaya
sahasra subhramsu sahasra rasmi
sahasra sanjittvara tejase’stu || 3 ||

nagesa ratnojjvala vigrahaya
sardula carmamsuka divya tejase
sahasra patropari samsthitaya
varangadamukta bhuja dvayaya || 4 ||

sunupuraranjita pada padma
ksarat sudha bhrtya sukha pradaya
vicitra ratnaugha vibhusitaya
premanam evadya harau vidhehi || 5 ||

sri rama govinda mukunda saure
sri krsna narayana vasudeva
ity adi namamrta pana matta
bhrngadhipayakhila duhkha hantre || 6 ||

sri naradadyaih satatam sugopya
jijnasitayasu vara pradaya
tebhyo harer bhakti sukha pradaya
sivaya sarva gurave namah || 7 ||

sri gauri netrotsava mangalaya
tat prana nathaya rasa pradaya
sada samutkanṭha govinda lila
gana pravinaya namo’stu tubhyam || 8 ||

etat sivasyasṭakam adbhutam mahat
srnvan hari prema labheta sighram
jnanan ca vijnanam apurva vaibhavam
yo bhava purnah paramam samadaram || 9 ||

Shivashtakam 6 Meaning:

I perpetually offer obeisances unto you, the lord of the thirty primal devas, who are the original father of created beings, whose character is gracious, upon whose head, which is crested by the sickle moon, the Ganga springs, and who are a festival for the eyes of Gauri, the fair goddess. || 1 ||

I offer my obeisances to you who resemble a moon of molten gold, who are dressed in garments colored like a group of budding blue lotuses or lustrous rain clouds, who bestow the most desirable boon to your devotees by your delightful dancing, who offer shelter to those who seek to become one with the transcendental effulgence of Godhead, and whose flag bears the image of the bull. || 2 ||

I offer my obeisances to you who dispel darkness with your three eyes – the moon, the sun, and fire – and thus cause auspiciousness for all the living entities of the universe, and whose potency easily defeats thousands of moons and suns. || 3 ||

I offer my obeisances to you, whose form is brilliantly illuminated by the jewels of Ananta-deva, the king of snakes, who possess divine potencies and are clothed in a tiger-skin, who stands in the midst of a thousand-petalled lotus, and whose two arms are adorned by lustrous bangles. || 4 ||

I offer my obeisances to you who bestow happiness to your servitors as you pour upon them the liquid nectar flowing from your reddish lotus feet, upon which charming anklebells ring. Obeisances unto you who are adorned by an abundance of gems! Please endow Me today with pure love for Sri Hari. || 5 ||

“O Sri Rama! O Govinda! O Mukunda! O Sauri! O Sri Krsna! O Narayana! O Vasudeva!” I offer my obeisances unto you, Sri Siva, who are the monarch ruling over all the bee-like devotees who are mad to drink the nectar of these and other innumerable names of Hari, and who thus destroys all grief. || 6 ||

I offer my respectful obeisances to you, Sri Siva, who are forever inquired of confidentially by Sri Narada and other great sages, who very easily bestow boons on them, who bestow the happiness of Hari-bhakti to those who seek boons of you, who thereby create auspiciousness and are thus the guru of everyone. || 7 ||

I offer my obeisances to you who are a festival of auspiciousness for the eyes of Gauri, who are the lord of her life-energy, who bestow rasa and are expert in forever singing songs with eagerness of the pastimes of Govinda. || 8 ||

9) The person who hears these great eight prayers glorifying Lord Siva with loving feelings and with great attention can quickly gain the love of Lord Sri Hari as well as transcendental knowledge, the application of the knowledge, and unparalleled endless opulences.”

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