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Lord Sri Rama On Kalpavriksha VAHANAM

7-04- 2016, Tirupati:  Usually being considered the identification of an entire human being and personification of fine manners, Lord Sri Rama took celestial journey on Kalpavriksha VAHANAM, the wish fulfilling tree on Thursday morning.

This divine tree additionally referred to as kalpataru, kalpadruma or kalpapādapa in Hindu mythology In “Devaloka” it’s mentioned that there are 5 Kalpavrikshas, that are known as Mandana, Parijata, Santana, Kalpavriksha and Harichandana, all of which fulfill varied needs.

Kalpavriksha, particularly, is alleged to be planted at Mt. Meru peak in the midst of Lord Indra’s 5 paradise gardens.

By using on this divine tree, Lord Sri Rama sends a message to his devotees that he’ll at all times fulfil the desires of those that are effectively mannered and pray for wellbeing of your entire society.

Dyeo Smt Munilakshmi, Superintendent Mr.Uma Maheshwar Reddy Temple Inspector Mr. Sesha Reddy, Temple Archaka Sri Nandu Swamy, Archakas Sri Kiran Swamy, Tarun Swamy and enormous variety of devotees took part.Kalpavruksha-Vahanam
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