Lord Vishnu Temple Srikurmam, Kurmavatara, Srikakulam

Srikurmam Village is situated at a distance of 14.5 Kms. to the South-East of Srikakulam town. The village was named after the temple, the presiding diety of which is Lord Vishnu in Kurmavatara. Srikurmam is a famous place of pilgrimage and the temple here is the only one of its kind in the whole of India. The temple is noted for its architectural beauty and contains many inscriptions ranging from the Eleventh Century to the Nineteenth Century A.D . These inscriptions throw light on the different dynasties which have held sway over this region. Dolostavam is the important festival and more than 40,000 pilgrims congregate on this occasion.

Lord Vishnu Temple-Srikurmam-Kurmavatara

Lord Vishnu Temple Srikurmam Kurmavatara

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