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Magh Bihu | Bhogali Bihu | Maghar Domahi

The North-Eastern state of Assam in India celebrates its harvest festival in a grand manner. Known as Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu, this day falling on the first day of the Magh Maasam, it concludes the harvesting season in this part of the country. Week-long celebrations for the festival of Magh Bihu are marked with rejoice and fun-filled atmosphere. While other parts of the country worship Surya, the Sun God, in Assam devotees pray and worship the Lord of Fire known as Agni on this auspicious day.

Since Agni is worshipped, it is symbolic to see the people of Assam lighting up bonfires on the day prior to the festival of Magh Bihu. The community as a whole take part in celebrations. That particular day being the last day of the previous month of Poush goes by the name of Uruka. Makeshift huts constructed from bamboo and tree parts such as twigs, leaves, and branches are put into the making of such huts by the people of the community on this prior day of Magh Bihu. Such a hut is called as Meiji in Assamese. Basically, it is made for people to gather, eat, and make merry together on the night prior to Magh Bihu. Finally, on the morning of Magh Bihu, the hut is lit up with fire and allowed to burn and simmer. Remnants of the fire which turn into ash are then scattered to the people’s agricultural land in order to enhance the fertility of the land.

Besides the name of Bhogali Bihu, Magh Bihu festival is also known as Maghar Domahi.
Bihu Festival

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