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Maha Lakshmi Temple Delaware – Vidwan Program


The only program of Vidwan (gaana samarpanam) of Mahalskhmi Devasthanam, Hindu Temple, Delaware, was a creation of our President and Chairman, Mr. Patibanda Sarma. This program took shape 8 years ago and has reached its current form thanks to the efforts of the Temple Cultural Committee and the Elite Priest Team and boasts true community participation.

Many passionate music singers came together to exchange ideas and establish melodic tunes for the various shlokas decided by the priests’ team. These include several dhyanam shlokas in all the deities, the group song that is sung by the entire community in unison during pooja and many arthi songs, sahasranamam recordings, etc. These melodious songs are learned and sung by all the vidwans during the pooja. Vidwans are assigned to singers each year for each day of yagnam and other auspicious religious occasions. These standardized shlokas serve as ornaments for poojas, abhishekams, special events, and so on. done in the temple. The Cultural Committee has compiled and distributed CDs of all shlokas and songs every year before yagnam for the last 8 years!

Hindu Temple of Delaware

We sincerely thank all our Vidwans and the elite team for their time and effort in maintaining this program. We encourage all singers (adults and young people) and devotees to learn all the songs that are now available on the website and to come offer their prayers through Samarpanam Gaaana in the temple.

We also have a special program of “Nritya Samarpanam” dancers during all yagnams and special festive and religious events in the temple and the participation of all.

For more information on both programs and to participate, contact the temple office at 302-235-7020.

Maha Lakshmi Temple Delaware Temple Timings:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM & 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Maha Lakshmi Temple Delaware Address:

760 Yorklyn Road,
Delaware 19707,

Devotional Mp3 Songs:

1) Suklam bharadaram

2) Deepam Jyoti

3) Agajanana Padmarkam

4) Kasturi thilakam

5) Shantakaram

6) Chayayam Parijathasya

7) Tulasyamruta Janmasi

8) Ishanaam

9) Sarasijanayane

10) Padmaasane

11) Manikya veenam

12) Sinduraruna

13) Chaturbhuje

14) Vakratunda

15) Ekadantham

16) Gajananam bhootha

17) Mooshika vahana

18) Durvahyamrita sampanaa

19) Sri Ramachandra chranau

20) Shanmukham

21) Sree Raghavam

22) Lokabhiramam

23) Annapoona Mahalakshmi

24) Sri SitaJanakiLakshmi

25) Dharani Tanaya

26) Anjaneyam

27) Athulitha

28) Bhakthanam

29) Divya mangala dehaya

30) Saraswati Namasthubhyam

31) Saraswati Mahabhage

32) Ya kundhendhu

33) Guru Brahma

34) Swetapadmasanaa devi

35) Namashivabhyam

36) Mandakini

37) Lakshmyastanuta

38) Lingashtakanm

39) Govinda bolo

40) Shadananam

41) Lakshmi Ashtakam

42) Jai Ganesh

43) Paritraanaya

44) Shri Rama Rama Rameti

45) Sankashtanashanam Ganesh stotram

46) Ganapati Atharvasheersham

47) Magalasasanam

48) Madhurashtakam-temple

49) Madhurashtakam

50) Sukhakarta

51) Om Jaya Kanha

52) Sri Ramachandra kripalu

53) Saraswati ashtottaram

54) Lakshmi Ashtottaram

55) Vishnu sahasranamam sample

56) Rama sahasranamam sample

57) Ganesh sahsranamam sample

58) Saraswati sahasranamam sample

59) Lakshmi arti

60) Om Jaya Jagadeesha hare

61) Yadevi

62) Aristani

63) Namsurya

64) Navastotram

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