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Mewar Festival

About Mewar Festival

It should be noted that the Mewar festival welcomes the arrival of the spring season with all the enthusiasm and dedication to Udaipur, Rajasthan. The spirit of the holiday can be seen throughout the state of Rajasthan, since Udaipur has always been the place of government of the leaders of Mewar, you will find its exact flavor in the city of Udaipur. The festival of Mewar of Udaipur is a big festival of Rajasthan and is famous throughout India for its liveliness.

During festival days, the whole city of Udaipur is drenched in party colors. Local markets and shops beautify your facade with lights and decorations. Coinciding with the Gangaur Festival, the Mewar Festival is also important for women in Rajasthan. The festival is especially for women and offers the best time to dress in their best clothes and join the celebrations of the festival.

Mewar Festival

To perform the ceremony, the women gather to dress the images of Isar (Lord Shiva) and Gangaur (Goddess Parvati). After dressing idols, they take them in a traditional procession that crosses different parts of the city. In the end, the procession goes to Gangaur Ghat on Lake Pichola. At this point, the images are transported in special boats and submerged in the deep waters of the lake.

When this religious part ends, people participate in various dances, songs, and other cultural events that reveal the culture of Rajasthan. The Mewar festival ends with a brilliant demonstration of fireworks. The Mewar festival spreads a sense of taste and fervor throughout Rajasthan and people enjoy this festival to the fullest. This bright and colorful festival attracts tourists from all walks of life to join their charming traditional ceremony.

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